Young people in group

Our Youth Leaders Program is a volunteer platform developed to provide an opportunity for young people aged 14-24 to become involved in the Toowoomba Regional Council. This program allows youth from across the region to learn about local communities and groups, local events, activities and services available for young people.

We currently service a regional population of 161,000 people (2016 ABS), with approximately 27,500 of these residents being young people. The Youth Leaders play an important part in ensuring that our programs are relevant, meet the needs of local young people and have the greatest reach possible. The Youth Leaders are also provided with opportunities to learn Council processes and the role of local governments. It also encourages them to have a say and assist in developing ideas that will benefit not only the young people of the region but the wider community.

The Youth Leaders are required to identify and share information on community issues and opportunities for young people to connect to events, programs and local service providers.

The Youth Leaders represent areas from all across the entire Toowoomba Region. They are encouraged to have a say in the development of their communities and to represent the voice of young people on community and Council-led programs.

The Youth Leaders Program commenced in early 2015 with 20 members being selected to represent the region. Since the program commenced youth leaders have:

  • delivered national Youth Week activities across the region
  • delivered partnership programs with local NGO’s
  • worked with other Council departments to deliver community and youth focused engagements, surveys and activities
  • run environmental programs
  • organised concerts
  • set up skateboarding events
  • organised outdoor movie nights
  • assisted to raise over $22,000 for other local youth services and community fundraisers
  • delivered many more local and regional activities.

Youth leaders have represented Toowoomba at:

  • Queensland Youth Conference
  • National Youth Conference
  • Queensland Town Planning Awards
  • National Town Planning Awards
  • Shaping SEQ Youth Summit
  • Queensland Youth Strategy workshops.