Taking music on the road to regional communities

Painting of a quaint little hall in a regional setting with the text Festival of Small Halls coming to a small hall near you in 2021.

The Festival of Small Halls will again be touring through the Toowoomba Region in 2021 as part of the Festival Summer Tour.

Toowoomba Region has been a destination for the festival of small halls tours since 2014, activating many of our regional halls including:

  • Haden
  • Rocky Creek
  • Peranga
  • Bowenville
  • Westbrook
  • Brookstead
  • Biddeston
  • Felton
  • Thornville
  • Wyreema
  • Perseverance
  • Cambooya.

Welcoming the best folk and contemporary artists to tiny halls

The Festival of Small Halls is a series of tours involving the best folk and contemporary acoustic artists performing at two of our country’s largest festivals before sending them on the road, visiting tiny halls in communities all over Australia. Produced by Woodfordia Inc in partnership with many other Australian festivals, regional partners and great lovers and supporters of folk and contemporary acoustic music. It’s an opportunity for music-lovers from communities to invite artists from home and abroad into their towns. It is also a great way of exploring this vast country in the spirit of hospitality and great fun.

Coming to a small hall near you in 2021

The artist line-up for Small Halls will always be at least one Australian artist and one International touring artist, but in 2021, Small Halls will tour two Australian acts who play music of exceptional quality and heart. They’ve been chosen for the tour not only because of their beautiful songs and tunes but because they can really connect with the people they play for, whether through storytelling, the ability to tell a good joke (or a truly terrible one), wonderful warmth and a real interest in visiting places a little off the beaten track.

Each night of the tour is hosted by volunteers from the local community, so it’s also a chance for a town to show off their warmest welcome and most enthusiastic audiences.

From our farmlands to the flood lands, the rainforests to the outback, Festival of Small Halls audiences can expect a beautiful night of original music, as well as a chance to catch up with their families and friends during a supper break, where cake and tea are served. It’s an all-ages event and all are welcome.

For more information, visit the Festival of Small Halls website.


Jondaryan Hall white wooden building on sunny day    Bowenville Hall. Grey sheeted panel building on sunny day.    Haden Hall on sunny day  

Pampas Hall. White wooden building on sunny day.    Brookstead Hall. Brown building on cloudy day.    Felton Hall. Cream building on sunny day.    

Peranga Hall. White wooden building    Rocky Creek Hall. Grey sheeted building on cloudy day.    Thornville hall on sunny day. Grey metal sheeted building.

Westbrook Hall. Orange brick building on sunny day.     Wyreema Hall. Grey metal sheeted building on cloudy day.    Perseverance Hall.    

Felton Hall on sunny day.    Cambooya hall on sunny day. White wooden building.