Add your not-for-profit organisation to My Community Directory (MCD) to help people find you. My Community Directory is a online search directory for everything from hobbies to health, education and environment. You can include detailed descriptions of what your organisation does and link to your website and social media platforms. You can populate your entry in My Community Directory with details such as contact information, location and information regarding your organisation.


  • It is free to register.
  • You can control your information by logging in and updating your details as they change.
  • On average My Community Directory is accessed 18,016 times per month.
  • Currently, we have a total of 828 registered organisations on My Community Directory.
  • Community members can access your groups details, as well as send emails directly to you through My Community Directory.
  • Receive relevant information from us including upcoming initiatives, funding opportunities, workshops programs and events.
  • It is an effective advertisement avenue to attract more volunteers as you can register as a volunteer run club who are looking for more volunteers.

How to register to use My Community Directory

  1. Open My Community Directory.
  2. At the top right hand side of the page is a 'Login/Register' button. Click on 'Register'.
  3. Click 'Sign up with email'.
  4. Enter in the requested details.
  5. An email will be sent to the email address just used to register your account. Open the email and follow the prompts to finalise your registration.

How to update your details in My Community Directory

  1. Open My Community Directory.
  2. At the top right hand side of the page will be a 'Login/Register' button.
  3. Click on 'Login' and enter your details.
    • If you have forgotten your login details click on 'I can’t remember my login details'. Follow the prompts to get your new details. Alternatively you can send through your details to
  4. Once you login on the middle of the screen click on 'Edit Listing Details'.
  5. Once you have changed your details to suit don’t forget to hit 'Save details’. This new information will be updated and available for public viewing. 

Assistance provided to My Community Directory users

If you require assistance to use My Community Directory call 1300 762 515 or contact your local Community Development Officer.