Council coronavirus update - November 2021

As we have done throughout the pandemic, we’ll continue to follow health comply with directives from the Australian and Queensland Government’s Department of Health regarding coronavirus. 

We’re currently seeking clarification from the Queensland Government about restrictions that have been proposed from 17 December and what it’ll mean for our facilities and services.  

Further information will be provided as soon as it becomes available to us.  In the meantime, we encourage residents to consult with their GP and consider getting vaccinated. 

Community support

As coronavirus continues to impact the world, it’s important that residents make use of support services that are available across our region. A range of services and financial assistance packages have been made available by the Australian Federal Government and the Queensland State Government.

Detailed below are various ways our community can be supported during this time.

The Australian Government's Department of Health with support from Queensland Health are the lead agencies responding to coronavirus in our Region.

Website links

Lead agency websites

Social media links

Key phone numbers:

  • National Coronavirus health information line - 1800 020 080
  • Queensland Health information line - 13HEALTH (13 432 584)

Translated coronavirus resources


I need help...

The Qld Government Community Recovery hotline is available if you have no other means of getting food or essential items, call 1800 173 349.

If you are in need of assistance, or just someone to talk to, these service providers are available to help. 

The Queensland Department of Education has a number of tools available to assist school-aged children through the Learning@home program.

See our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support for Businesses article for more information.

Counselling and support

  • Support services for businesses impacted - a range of resources and support services are available for impacted businesses who feel they need additional mentoring or assistance.
  • Support for impacted employees - if your employment has been impacted, access information about employee rights, entitlements and support available.
  • Support for international students - funding is available to increase student support services across Queensland to help impacted students returning to study. This support includes providing information, advice and referrals on health care, employment, budget management, accommodation and legal service, as well as connecting students to social events and activities.

Ergon Energy business customer service - 1300 135 210.

The Queensland State Government and Australian Federal Government have announced a range of financial support available to Australians.

The Federal Government initiatives include 'JobSeeker' and COVID-19 Disaster payments.

The Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works is offering assistance to Queensland's most vulnerable.

Ergon Energy residential support options - 131 046.

The NDIA is introducing a number of changes to assist NDIS participants and providers.

The Queenslanders With Disability Network have a range of information available to help you stay informed during the coronavirus outbreak.

I want to help...

You can volunteer to be part of the Queensland Care Army. You'll assist vulnerable people in home quarantine secure essential food or medicines who have no other means or mechanisms of support.

Check in on your neighbour using our Neighbour Calling Card and Contacts (PDF for print)

Community group social media accounts

If you're looking for ways to stay in touch with your neighbours while at home, one of the following social media groups or pages may relate to your local community. These are not run by Council (or other government agencies) and we do not necessarily support or condone the views, comments or content published on these.