Whether a small home-based office, a commercial enterprise or a large industrial operation, businesses can cut costs and improve their environmental sustainability by following some simple suggestions. There are a number of things you can do that will make a difference straight away.

  1. Review your heating and air conditioner use.
  2. Make smarter lighting choices with energy efficient CFLs and LEDs and reduce your electricity bills.  The Australian Government Your Energy Savings website has helpful information.
  3. Get informed and understand your electricity usage. Speak to your energy provider and ask if they provide free energy audits for your business.

We all pay for electricity in kilowatt hours, so the longer lights or appliances are on and the more energy they use, the higher your bill. Changing to more efficient lighting will make a big difference, as will the installation of solar power. Be conscious of how much electricity is being used, and change your behaviour if necessary.

Take a look at the Queensland Government’s Business sustainability section for more information.