The State Government's Business and Industry website offers a comprehensive guide for people interested in starting a business. Advice ranges from what to do before you start, through to running a business, employing people, export trade and doing business in regional Queensland. This site also offers a range of workshops and seminars to assist you in learning about the different aspects of business.

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission has a small business hub to assist small business know and better understand their compliance obligations.

Job seekers interested in starting and running a small business may get practical small business training, business mentoring and financial assistance from the Australian Government. More information is available through the new enterprise incentive scheme website.

The Queensland Department of State Development website also brings together specialist knowledge, networks and services in order to assist businesses with starting-up, eligibility for financial incentive schemes and expanding. Other topics include registering a business name and responding to challenges like climate change.

Planning for a business on Council's website provides advice on any approvals required for home-based businesses, short-term accommodation, footpath dining and advertising devices. 

Protecting your business online

STAY SMART ONLINE is an initiative of the Australian Government regarding online security. It's about protecting your information, which is often the most critical and valuable asset a business will own. There is a specific section for Business owners that you may find helpful.

Government services and forms needed for business start-up

The website offers simple and convenient access to all government information, forms and services needed for starting a business. This is a whole-of-government service that provides essential information on planning, starting and growing your business. Also located on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website is a section dedicated to 'Small business'. This site is designed to assist small business operators with market research, profiling customers and planning a business case. A number of links are provided to relevant to ABS data, training, consultancy services and other useful information.

Activities requiring a permit or licence

Some individual or business activities require a permit or licence. Information on permits or licence applications can be found in the laws & permits section.