Council officer filming on location

To help share the many special people and locations of our region we try to make it as easy as possible to enable photography and filming without introducing risk. For this reason many photography and filming activities can be achieved with due consideration and without the need to apply for permission from Council.

What needs Council approval

Filming and photography that meets the following criteria will require approval from Council before activities can be commenced.

  • The photography or filming is for commercial purposes AND
  • Activities are likely to have an impact on public areas. This includes operating in Council parks, road closures or working in the road reserve using large equipment (such as cherry-pickers).

All other activities can be carried out with due consideration (suggested list below) and without Council approval. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application process

Please contact us to commence the application process and describe your planned activities. Council staff can confirm if any application is required and guide you through the next steps.


Flying a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for photography

Council does not approve the flying of drones or model aircraft from or over parks and Council controlled areas for private or recreational purposes. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority website is an excellent resource for guidance on operating UAVs in other areas. The use of this type of photographic equipment can be reviewed as a part of any commercial application if required.


Consideration points when filming in the Region

As a first point any legal considerations should be carefully reviewed. The website of the Arts Law Centre of Australia is a good place to start.

When filming or photographing on private property, permission from the owner is usually required.

When filming or photographing people, aside from any legal requirements, it is always polite to ask those who might be in the shot and warn anyone in the vicinity.

Keep in mind that you may require permission, or at least advance warning, from other authorities and stakeholders. This includes: State or Federal Government departments (eg: when filming on State or Federal highways and in National Parks), Police etc.

Filming and photography of youth and children requires extra sensitivity.

There are usually limitations to filming and photography around Defense infrastructure and other objects of national security.