All current tenders can be found in VendorPanel Tenders. Before submitting a tender, read the tips below to help you lodge the best possible tender document.


Tips for submitting a tender

When offering a product or service to us via a tender please ensure you consider the following:

  1. Make sure you have read and understood the tender documents, before submitting.  Ensure you understand how our requirements are different from the way you normally do business.
  2. Understand your client’s needs.  Consider how you can structure your tender submission and set your price competitively to meet our needs.
  3. Clearly identify your legal entity type in your tender.  We need to understand who we are assessing when we evaluate your submission.
  4. If unsure of something ask questions.  If you don’t understand something within the tender make sure you ask.  All questions need to be lodged through the VendorPanel Tenders forum.
  5. Make sure you sell yourself.  Don’t assume people know who you are, or what your business does. Make sure you show how your business can meet our needs. Your submission should demonstrate your capabilities and competitiveness. Please keep in mind that we are only able to evaluate your submission based on the information contained in your tender response, in the format requested in the offer response document. Provide strong, clear and concise examples to highlight your capabilities. Any extra paperwork that you supply will not be included in the evaluation, only information supplied in the requested format.
  6. Ensure your pricing is as competitive as possible. If your price isn’t competitive against other competitors, your submission may not be shortlisted for consideration.
  7. If you require assistance to complete your submission, lodge your request through the VendorPanel Tenders forum and your query will be responded to by our procurement team, confidentially. Forum post queries are not made public and your individual request for assistance will be kept private.
  8. Be organised and ensure you have placed the deadline in your diary.  Be sure to take note of the deadline and give yourself a buffer of a few days to submit on time. Be mindful that the lead up to a deadline can be stressful, so try to be organised and finalise and submit your submission in plenty of time.
  9. Address all criteria. Read the technical specification document fully and address each of the criteria to be used in the evaluation. Ensure your response is provided only in the format requested in the offer response document.
  10. Proofread prior to submitting. Make sure you have proofread your documents to ensure all information is correct and easy to understand.  


Frequently asked questions

We have provided frequently asked questions and answers to help you through the tender process. If you have questions about a particular tender, please post all questions on the VendorPanel Tenders forum.

We generally seek quotes and tenders to buy goods, services and works. Tender notices are advertised on VendorPanel Tenders, in The Chronicle’s tender section, and occasionally in other publications like the Courier Mail or regional papers (depending on the nature of the tender).

When creating your account in VendorPanel Tenders, choose the categories of interest to you and register for tender email notifications or alerts. This allows you to be notified when tenders are available and is an easy way to keep your information on VendorPanel Tenders up-to-date.

Our procurement policy is available by visiting our policies page (2.31 Procurement Policy).

Information on tenders can be found in our tenders & contracts section.

Our procurement team are available to assist with the understanding and completion of the document. To request help, post a request for assistance on the VendorPanel Tenders forum. This request will remain private.

You can view all the awarded tenders for the previous 12 months on our website.

Yes, you may request a more detailed response to your unsuccessful letter and we will endeavour to provide information that will assist you in your next bid to win a tender.

Late tenders will not be accepted, except in very exceptional circumstances approved by us.

No. Tenders can only be submitted in the manner stipulated in the special conditions of offer.

Register for tender email alerts via the VendorPanel Tenders website. Please ensure you enable email notification on your account and that you enable cookies in your internet browser.

Information about current open tenders is available on our current tenders page.

For further information on how to use the VendorPanel Tenders website please visit the VendorPanel contact us page to asked questions. Or alternatively please call VendorPanel on: 03 9095 6181(Monday to Friday, 9am - 5 pm, QLD time).

The recommended size of supporting documents is less than 500 megabytes. Please note that very large documents may take additional time to upload so factor this into the time you allow for the submission of your response. For further information please contact VendorPanel.

There are many factors that may impact on the speed at which the documents upload, e.g. internet speed, internet traffic and document size. Please allow adequate time to upload all documents including attachments. Please be mindful that internet traffic may be busier during business hours and in the lead up to the submission deadline, which may impact the time it takes to upload documents. Allow plenty of time to upload your documents.