Mayor Paul Antonio

"This past 12 months have been among the most extraordinary I have seen in more than 38 years in local government."

Our goals

Five goals drive what we do to responsibly deliver services to the Toowoomba Region community

Performance measures provide a means of monitoring progress towards achieving Council's goals and outcomes.

Goal 1 - People

Council supports a safe, healthy and engaged Region. We create opportunities for people to connect and belong. We are proud of our unique and diverse communities.

Goal 2 - Place

Council supports sustainable and innovative practices to conserve our valuable natural assets and rich agricultural land. Our environment is protected for future generations to enjoy.

Goal 3 - Sustainability

Council integrates good planning and sustainable infrastructure networks to enhance our communities. Our infrastructure is well-maintained and enables growth into the future.

Goal 4 - Prosperity

Our Region has a strong and diverse economy. Flourishing businesses and industries attract and retain employment opportunities. Rich traditions and bold ambitions continue to drive our Region.

Goal 5 - Performance

Our diverse Region’s values are reflected through ethical decision-making and good governance. Our approach to improvement and innovation enhances customer experience.

  • 92% Goal 1: People
  • 98% Goal 2: Place
  • 97% Goal 3: Sustainability
  • 100% Goal 4: Prosperity
  • 95% Goal 5: Performance

Our services by group

We have worked hard this year to complete the actions set out in our Corporate Plan