Organisational structure graphic

Toowoomba Region's organisational structure is as follows and has been developed to ensure Council can offer an extensive range of services to the community.

  1. The community elects the Council and provides input to determine the region's priorities.
  2. The Federal and State Government provides authority to Council through the Local Government Act 2009.
  3. Committees (see list below) consider the strategic direction for the region, within specialised areas, and provide recommendations to Council. A few specific functions within the city are managed by controlled entities established by Council including Jondaryan Woolshed, Empire Theatres, Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE). The Audit Committee oversees the activities of Internal Audit and provides an independent, external review of our governance and internal control frameworks.
  4. Council establishes priorities and makes decisions after considering recommendations received from its Committees.
  5. Through the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Executive Management Team (EMT), Council decisions are carried out. EMT also provides Council with advice on priorities and strategic direction and oversees Council's operational groups.
  6. As part of the Governance Branch, Internal Audit conducts appraisals which provide assurance that the organisation is discharging its responsibilities effectively.


List of committees

  • Australia Day and Queensland Day Co-ordinating Committee 
  • Development Industry Reference Group
  • Economic Development Committee
  • Finance and Business Strategy Committee
  • Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Infrastructure Committee
  • Planning and Development Committee
  • Regional Access and Disability Advisory Committee
  • Regional Active and Public Transport Advisory Committee
  • Regional Arts Development Fund Advisory Committee
  • Regional Youth Advisory Committee
  • Toowoomba Aerodrome Advisory Committee
  • Toowoomba Region Events and Tourism Advisory Committee
  • Toowoomba Region Pest Management Advisory Committee
  • Water and Waste Committee