Council continued our mission to improve the liveability and attraction of our region by delivering valued and relevant community services. Each year, we aim to improve service delivery by interacting with residents on a grass-roots level and encouraging residents to inform and guide our service priorities. We aim to plan for a sustainable and liveable future and this starts with our Executive Team setting aspirational targets for their respective areas. 

In the following section, we outline some of our key service functions, as well as provide a high-level overview of how our service areas are tracking against the objectives set out in our Corporate Plan. 

Our service indicators are based on the following:

Green tick Greater than or equal to 85% - is recognised as our service area being on track

Orange exclamation mark Greater than or equal to 50%, but below 85% - is recognised as our service area being in need of increased attention

RedCross Below 50% - is recognised as our service area underperforming

There are a number of external factors which may affect service areas annually impacting results. For example, an experiencing unplanned works or events.  

Toowoomba Regional Council