Aerial picture of Highfields

Toowoomba Regional Council recently adopted its new five-year strategy, the Corporate Plan 2024-29, at the October Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Toowoomba Region Mayor Geoff McDonald said the new document set Council’s strategic vision, along with performance indicators to measure progress.

“This is an important guiding document for Council and our community which outlines how we plan to support a safe, healthy and engaged Region,” Mayor McDonald said.

“Our new vision is for ‘A vibrant Toowoomba Region: built on Rich Traditions, thriving with Bold Ambitions’.

“This vision will offer guidance for Council’s priorities in the next five years and how we will balance our aspirations as the Region continues to grow with the organisation’s financial capacity.

“The new document is an extension of the existing Corporate Plan, which will provide direction for Council as an organisation and guide decision-making, allocation of resources and actions of Councillors and staff over the life of the new five-year Corporate Plan.

“The strategic actions identified in the Corporate Plan will form the basis of Council’s annual Operational and Financial Plans.”

Mayor McDonald said the new Corporate Plan had been developed through workshops and surveys, including the Living in Place survey, and subsequent community feedback, which incorporated residents’ views and aspirations.

He said residents’ feedback had been most helpful in providing Council with a clear understanding of key community issues.

Other work involved a review of existing Council policies, strategies and plans; a review of the previous Corporate Plan, and the 10-year, long-term financial forecast.

Mayor McDonald said the review identified four focus areas or goals and related key priorities for the life of the new Corporate Plan covering, People, Place, Prosperity and Performance, with a sustainability focus across the board.

“Council’s operational work will be guided by these goals as we continue to support our growing community.”

For more information and to view a copy of the 2024-2029 Corporate Plan visit Corporate Plan 2024/29 ( or call Council on 131 872.