Bridge Street Quarry

Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee Chair Cr Kerry Shine said Council was committed to this project and had set aside $500,000 across two financial years for design and work associated with the rehabilitation of the site.

“At the moment, our number one priority is the rehabilitation of the site,” Cr Shine said.

“A study completed by KPMG in 2018 looked at a variety of possible recreational uses of the site, but at the end of the day, the site is still a quarry and until it’s properly rehabilitated, it cannot become a park or recreational area that attracts people to facilities and activities.

“Last financial year, Council undertook additional studies and progressed six viable geotechnical options to make the site safe.

“Working with the Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee, these options were narrowed down to one preferred option.

“Over the next two years, we’ll be revisiting the desired end-use of the quarry to ensure the final landform is suitable, following rehabilitation.

“The impact of the geotechnical rehabilitation works, as well as the impact caused by the desired final end-use, will be the subject of further studies as well.

“These works are essential prior to undertaking the rehabilitation of the quarry. The preferred rehabilitation option is estimated to cost $3-3.5 million. This will be considered as part of Council’s budget process following the completion of the rehabilitation works.

“This is a long-term project that will require substantial funding and consultation with the local residents in order to reach the full potential of what can be achieved on this site.

“I would like to acknowledge the commitment and support of the Advisory Committee members for this project.”

Further information, including Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee minutes, can be found 

Note: Membership of the Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee consists of: Councillors; Friends of Quarry Gardens; Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce; Southern Queensland Country Tourism; Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club; Friends of the Escarpment ParkToowoomba Inc; Toowoomba Bushwalker Club Inc; representative of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee, and a resident of Bridge Street.