The winners of the 2022 Toowoomba Region Waste Management Facilities Garden Competition have been announced with some outstanding entries in this year’s awards.

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) Water and Waste Portfolio Lead Cr Nancy Sommerfield said the competition awards were held on Wednesday 1 September on the first day of spring.

“I was very impressed with the myriad of displays that our staff and also the social enterprise groups that are partners with TRC at the Waste Management facilities came up with this year and delighted to judge them alongside Cr Rebecca Vonhoff.

‘It’s lots of fun for these groups to get involved and I’m particularly impressed that the displays feature many items that are repurposed from things that are otherwise discarded at TRC’s Waste Management facilities,” Cr Sommerfield said.

“The competition is now in its 8th year and a great way for the three different groups at the Waste Management facilities to get involved in the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers vibe.

“This competition has been running since 2016 and I’m delighted the staff work so hard on their displays to improve the amenity of Council’s Waste Management facilities for users as we approach the warmer months,” Cr Sommerfield said.
Winners were as follows:

Garden Competition
Winner: Reviva Reuse Shop - Wellcamp
Second Place: Yarraman Waste Management Facility
Third Place: Crows Nest Waste Management Facility

Photography Competition
Winner: Oakey Oasis
Highly Commended: Greenmount - Pink Orchid Flower

Video Competition
Winner: Reviva - Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2022

Photo Caption: Councillors Nancy Sommerfield (left) and Rebecca Vonhoff (right) with Manager of Reviva Reuse Shop Wellcamp and Kleinton Rita Duffy. Reviva was the main winner of the Toowoomba Regional Council Waste Management Facilities Garden Competition.