Local cycling champion Susie

Does arriving at work each day feeling energised sound too good to be true? According to Toowoomba resident Susie, it all starts with one small change.

Susie made the switch from car to bike for her daily commute six months ago and is encouraging others to do the same.

“I recommend cycling to anybody who hasn’t picked up their bike in a while,” she said.

“It’s just great to get out in the environment and get some incidental exercise.

“I definitely enjoy my commute to and from work and it really makes me feel energised cycling in the mornings and afternoons.”

Since taking up cycling, Susie has saved money on fuel and parking and found great benefits for her health.

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) Infrastructure Services Committee Portfolio Leader Councillor Melissa Taylor said Susie’s story is a great example of how small daily changes can have big positive outcomes.

“Active transport has so many benefits for the environment, the community and the individual,” Cr Taylor said.

“Council’s Regional Active and Public Transport Advisory Committee (RAPTAC) is passionate about promoting more active and environmentally friendly ways to get around, especially for shorter every day trips.

“Cycling isn’t just for the enthusiasts – it’s the everyday cyclists who choose two wheels over four like Susie that are finding the biggest benefits.

“It’s economical, it’s great for the mind, body and soul and it’s a great way to socialise with friends and to explore our Region.

“During the cooler months it’s also a way to warm the body up on a cold day.

“We’re keen to hear from other cyclists about how cycling for transport or recreation has made a positive difference to your lifestyle. If you would like to share your ‘everyday cyclist’ story with the community, please send your contact details to info@tr.qld.gov.au.

Watch the full story, including Susie’s top cycling tips at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANQiU-orIMI

For more information about RAPTAC, visit www.tr.qld.gov.au/advisorycommittees.