Lake Cressbrook is open for boating and fishing across the Easter long weekend.

Water test results have shown the bacterial levels have fallen to a reading that is safe for water-based recreation, allowing the dam to re-open for more outdoor activities.

In contrast, the bacterial levels have not fallen sufficiently at Cooby Dam, which remains closed to all recreation activities as a safety precaution until further notice.

Similarly, Lake Perseverance is closed for all recreation activities.

The bacteria represent no risk to drinking water supplies as they are removed by the water treatment and disinfection process.

Council monitors the three dams on a weekly basis for algae and numerous microbiological parameters, including E.coli. Council also tests chemical parameters such as iron, manganese, alkalinity, nitrate, hardness, ammonia, colour, turbidity and phosphate.

The treatment process is also closely monitored (daily). When the water leaves the treatment plant, Council conducts tests in the distribution system in accordance with our Drinking Water Quality Management Plans.

Council will continue its regular testing regime to determine when the dams can re-open for recreation pursuits.

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