Toowoomba Regional Council’s (TRC) February Ordinary Meeting of Council today (February 16) supported an additional $5 million for consideration in the 2021/22 Budget to undertake complementary and betterment works as a result of the February 2020 flood event.

TRC Infrastructure Committee Chair Cr Carol Taylor said it was important to allow for further funding in Council’s next Budget to ensure the assets could be completed to a better condition.

“In February 2020 this area was impacted by a significant rainfall event which caused damage to a substantial number of our assets,” Cr Taylor said.

“This damage equated to about 3600 activities across more than 1200 sites on over 575 roads.

“Following flood events, Councils are able to apply for funding from the Federal and State Governments, however, all works completed from this kind of funding have restrictions which limit us to replacing assets on a like-for-like basis.

“While we’re certainly appreciative of the funding, there are times when it makes more practical sense to improve the quality of the asset so we are in a much better position should there be another significant rainfall event in the future.

“Council officers have identified opportunities where complementary and betterment works, if undertaken in conjunction with the program, will be cost effective and will benefit the community long-term.”

As part of the motion, budget was requested for:
• Fourteen culvert replacements that will increase flood immunity,
• Minor improvement works to damaged culverts which increase resilience,
• Additional gravel for resheeting as the quantity of gravel proposed by funding arrangements does not align to standard resheeting practices for unsealed roads,
• Newman Road culvert upgrade, and
• Kratzke Road culvert inlet works where urban development has changed the drainage flows.

For more information contact Council on 131 872 or email