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We recruit volunteers to support a range of council programs and community partnerships. Volunteering your time is a great way to meet new people, connect with your community and learn new skills.

We value the positive and extensive contribution that volunteers make to our community and have a number of volunteering opportunities available.


Council volunteer programs

We accept volunteers aged between 12 years to 92 years. For a list of our volunteer programs and information on volunteering with us, please visit our volunteer portal. You can also contact us on 131 872 or send us an email.

Please note that from time to time, volunteer programs reach capacity and are not able to provide volunteer placements. You can view the current volunteer roles.


Advisory committees

We have several advisory committees to help us continue to evolve and meet the changing demands of the community. If you’re interested in volunteering your time to an advisory committee, visit the Advisory committees page.


Community partnership groups

We work with a number of groups across the community that have an interest in supporting our Council services and facilities as well as the management, maintenance and development of Council urban and bushland parks. For more on these groups, and how you can volunteer with them, please see the information below:

toowoomba friends of the escarpment Friends of the Escarpment Parks are a volunteer community group interested in the management, conservation and public use of Toowoomba's bushland escarpment parks.

The group focuses on environmental conservation including the planting of native trees, restoration activities and weed management.

Toowoomba escarpment parks include Redwood Park, Duggan Park, Nielsen Park, Hartmans Reserve, Hancock Street Park, Panorama Crescent Park, a small section of Jubilee Park, Echo Valley South, Leopard Ash Bushland Park, Kleinton and Charles and Mottee Rogers Bushland Reserve, Highfields. The group works to manage and promote the environmental significance of these areas.

Volunteers get involved with activities such as weeding, new plantings and seed collection along with plant and animal identification. The opportunity to learn about the ecology of the various parks, plant and animal identification and weed management is also available for volunteers.

Formal activities include an open day once a year, regular spot lighting tours, National Tree Day events and participation in events such as World Environment Day. The group holds management committee meetings every two months.

For more information on how to volunteer, please contact Rob Brodribb on 0407 124 863.

highfields peacehaven park Friends of Peacehaven Botanical Park work in partnership to develop, maintain and promote the park as a place of recreation, environmental conservation and education.

The Friends are involved with a range of activities including operating a community nursery with a focus on supplying plants that grow within the boundaries of the Toowoomba Region, advocacy for the park and its use, input into park planning, fundraising activities and working bees. The group also collect and document local native plants in their herbarium.

Friends of Peacehaven Botanical Park meet on the second Wednesday of each month between 9.30am and 12.30pm.

The native plant nursery is open to the public 9.00am to 12.30pm on Thursdays, 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturdays. For more information about the nursery opening times visit the Friends website.

For more information on how to become a volunteer please contact The Friends of Peacehaven Botanic Park on 0477 317 410 or contact us.

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newtownrosegardenvolunteersFriends of the Queensland's State Rose Garden in Newtown Park Toowoomba Inc are focused on developing the Queensland State Rose Garden into a rose garden of international status.

Volunteers undertake a variety of tasks including gardening, maintenance, guiding tours, creating and selling floral artwork, baking and administration.

Members don't need a specialist understanding of roses or gardening, rather an appreciation for nature and Toowoomba’s outdoor amenity. The group is open to new volunteers and the ways they can contribute.

The group runs many fundraising activities, including sausage sizzles, garden tea-parties and a variety of other special events. Monies raised contribute to the improvement and development of Newtown Parks’ gazebos, pathways, toilet amenities, gardens and other park facilities.

Volunteers are able to develop their general and rose gardening skills including rose pruning and training, and general care, while enjoying the companionship of friendly, like-minded people.

Friends of the Queensland's State Rose Garden in Newtown Park Toowoomba Inc meet on the first Monday of each month (except June) at the Rose Cottage and members of the public are always welcome.

For more information on how to volunteer, please contact: President, Sandy Martin on 0408 753 602 or Secretary, Lorraine Schiller on 0429 115 140.

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friends of yarraman creek1Friends of Yarraman Creek are a small volunteer group of enthusiastic, local residents who aim to restore and conserve the native bushland area along Yarraman Creek, an area which hosts a range of native wildlife including platypus and echidnas and more than 160 bird species.

The group focuses on conserving the environment of the riparian zone (creek bank area) by removing weeds, stabilising the creek banks and replanting the area with local native species to boost bio-diversity in the area.

Award winning group

Friends of Yarraman Creek won the 2016 Healthy Waterways Waterway Stewardship Award in recognition of their achievements and work with the Yarraman community.

For more information on the group please contact us.

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Drone flyover of Yarraman Creek

parks volunteersThe Oakey Urban Landcare group focuses on improving the natural amenity and beauty of the Oakey area’s urban bushland, and developing community awareness about the important environmental role these areas play in the Region’s ecology. The group focuses on conserving the native flora and fauna of Oakey Creek, the creek bank and Stanley Street Reserve, home to lizard and small koala populations.

Volunteers primarily undertake weed management activities and new plantings.

The group also actively participates in community events such as National Tree Day and Clean Up Australia Day with assistance from other groups such as Girl Guides.

The Oakey Urban Landcare group meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Uniting Church complex on the corner of Cherry and John Streets at 6.30pm.

The group welcomes new volunteers. For more information on volunteering please contact Trevor Cockburn on 0409 633 352.

Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens is tucked away in a central city location and is Toowoomba’s best kept secret. Members of the Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens gather together on a Wednesday morning to garden in this beautiful location.

Learn about organic gardening, permaculture, composting, worm farming, growing your own fruit and vegetables, plus much more. Meet at the tool shed and ask to speak to a committee representative. No previous experience with gardening is required, $30 annual fee. 

Where: 22a Goggs St, Toowoomba
When: Wednesday, 9am - 12 noon
Contact: The Secretary - email TCOGA.secretary@gmail.com

Social media & website: Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens websiteFacebook page, Instagram page.

Only a 30-minute drive from Toowoomba, the new Clifton Museum building built in 2020, houses an extensive and varied collection of local historical items.

These are set out in an appealing series of rooms, including a substantial display in the Veterans Room, all designed and built by volunteer members to showcase the different aspects of life 'way back then'.

There is also an extensive collection of information in our local family history research room.

Check out the @cliftonmuseumqld Facebook page to find out more or come and visit - we'd love to see you!

Volunteers are needed to assist our small supportive team, on our front desk for light duties, in a cheerful, fresh, clean and safe environment, either on a regular or occasional basis, whatever suits. If you're interested in historical items and regional local history, feel welcome to join us. The Museum opens Friday to Monday, 10am to 2pm.

For more information on volunteering, please contact:
Linda (Vice-President/Publicity Officer) on 0418 876 765 or Pat (Secretary) on 0410 415 067.
or message via the @cliftonmuseumqld Facebook page.


Community volunteers

There are a number of community organisations and groups seeking volunteers across our Region. 


  • My Community Directory to learn more about the services available in our community that may offer volunteer opportunities. 
  • Volunteering Queensland to find out about existing volunteer vacancies in our Region and across Queensland.
  • Volunteering Emergency Services to find out about volunteering opportunities in our Queensland's Emergency Services.
  • GIVIT to learn more about donating your time to community organisations that require assistance helping people in need.