A planning scheme is a document prepared by a local Council to regulate the use and development of land. The Planning Act 2016 requires that a local government review its Planning Scheme every 10 years. The Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme was made on 2 July 2012 and we commenced the review of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme in 2018. A review provides the opportunity to evaluate the Planning Scheme at a particular point in time, to ensure that it continues to respond appropriately to current community expectations and to changes in circumstance, so as to effectively regulate the use and development of land within the Toowoomba Region.

There is a need to holistically review the Planning Scheme to ensure that it responds to the changes in legislative and policy context that have occurred since 2012. In addition, we have undertaken a significant amount of strategic planning work, directly and indirectly, associated with development related matters since 2012, that is not fully reflected in the current Planning Scheme.

Valuable insights into the Planning Scheme have been gained over the last seven years through its application. Planning Scheme users, including Councillors, Council officers, applicants and submitters, developers and consultants all have valuable insights into its operation and performance.

The major review undertaken considers all aspects of the Planning Scheme however it has been organised around the four elements of:

  • policy framework
  • workability
  • regional focus
  • zone calibration.

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