We engaged KPMG, in partnership with geo-technical engineering firm and quarrying experts EcoRoc and urban planning firm Urbis, to undertake a feasibility study to investigate possible development options for the Bridge Street Quarry site. The study investigated existing and potential future tourism markets to the area, the existing tourism product in Toowoomba, the needs and wants of a number of stakeholders, and the physical limitations of the site.

In December, the final report was endorsed by Council. The report will guide planning and decision making relating to the future development of the site. A number of opportunities for the site were identified in the study and a three-staged development process has been recommended.

A Bridge Street Quarry Development Working Group is in the process of being established to investigate and recommend governance and management arrangements for further consideration.

The report recommends public investment for the first two stages at an estimated cost of $8.53 million. Council resolved to consider the Quarry redevelopment project at each review of the 10 year capital works program. The project will also need to secure external funding in order to progress the third stage of development.

The Quarry Gardens Preliminary Evaluation Project is a joint initiative of the Queensland Government and Toowoomba Regional Council.



Stage one: Make safe by rehabilitating the site to provide safe and environmentally sustainable greenspace, and increase connectivity to Jubilee Park.

Stage two: Low, community-based development with activity precincts for entry garden/arrival experience, community gardens, children’s play, and engagement with volunteer groups.

Stage three: Moderate development with greater scope for commercial development and more intensive landscaping and public infrastructure, education/arts hub, adventure, activity hub connecting into Jubilee Park with a café and key adventure attraction (e.g. zip line), high-end eco-resort, restaurant/events venue, rock wall projections and the like to produce a high amenity in keeping with a world-class tourism precinct.



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