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In late October - early November 2019 we asked residents to rate their satisfaction with our services and facilities and the results are in!

How the survey was carried out

Feedback from a random selection of residents spread across age, gender and location was gathered, analysed and reported back to Council by independent survey experts. The survey included:

  • 802 telephone interviews with randomly selected residents
  • 71% urban and 29% rural participants.

Key findings

Seventy-two percent (72%) of residents are satisfied overall with Toowoomba Regional Council.

The average overall satisfaction rating is 6.43 out of 10. This is a medium-level satisfaction score.

Overall satisfaction with Council has seen no statistically significant chance since 2017. In this metric Council is performing in-line with an average of Queensland councils.

Key strengths, improvements and community priorities for Council

Eighteen (18) services and facilities have recorded significant improvements in satisfaction since 2017.

Council's key strengths are its facilities. Residents are most satisfied with the libraries (including the mobile library) and the parks, open spaces and playgrounds of the Toowoomba local government area.

Service strengths include waste management (both household waste collection and Waste Management Centres) and maintaining regional heritage characteristics.

Key improvement areas include management of invasive species [plants, animals and weeds), the development assessment approval process, the condition of the road network and public toilets. Improvements made to these services should be regularly communicated to residents to enhance the perceptions of these services and facilities.

Water was identified by residents as the top priority for Council.

Council [is] generally meeting the preferences of residents in terms of methods of receiving information and methods of making contact. The electronic newsletter [i.e. digital version of 'BOLD') is the most underutilised form of communication and would benefit from increased promotion.

Other highlights

58% believe services and facilities are value for money.

48% of residents who contacted Council in the past 12 months had their issue resolved during their first contact with Council.


Highest satisfaction:

  • Libraries, including the mobile library (87%)
  • Parks, open spaces and playgrounds (87%)
  • Museums (84%).

Lowest satisfaction:

  • Public toilets (72%)
  • Skate parks (74%)
  • Town halls (77%).


Council is generally outperforming comparable councils and the LGAQ benchmark in the delivery of these services.

Highest satisfaction:

  • Household waste collection, recycling and disposal services (84%)
  • Waste management centre services (81%)
  • Cemetery maintenance and management (80%).

Lowest satisfaction:

  • Eradicating invasive weeds on private property (55%)
  • Development application and approval process (60%)
  • Supply and management of public car parking (62%).


Top three priorities for the next three years:

  1. Water supply, management and infrastructure (31%)
  2. Road network maintenance (10%)
  3. Reducing Council spending to limit future rate increases (5%).


Read the full survey

Community Survey 2019 Summary (PDF for print)

Community Survey 2019

Our commitment

Survey results will help us build on our commitment to provide high-quality services and facilities across the Region.

Previous surveys

We are committed to an ongoing program of regularly measuring the satisfaction of our community. A full community survey similar to the one above was also completed in 2017. Community Survey 2017 (PDF for print)