Chief executive officers can delegate their powers to an appropriately qualified local government employee. The register of delegations by the Chief Executive Officer of Toowoomba Regional Council to employees is below.

Please note: Where a delegation is given to an officer or officers, unless noted specifically to the contrary in the Register, a delegate’s Supervisor (who holds immediate, intermediate or ultimate line management responsibility for the delegate) may exercise the delegated authority given to the delegate even if not mentioned by title as a delegate. This principle extends to each Supervisor in the hierarchy up to the Chief Executive Officer, but does not:

  • apply if a subordinate delegate has already, in a particular case, exercised the delegation
  • permit a supervising delegate to exceed his or her own financial delegation or act outside his or her area of accountability. (Refer to 2.36 Delegation Register Policy).



Register of Delegations - Chief Executive Officer to Employees and Contractors

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