Last Updated: Friday, 27 April 2018 16:14

Go direct to the online planning scheme here.

The Planning Scheme identifies which land uses (e.g. units, shops and industry) and which types of development (e.g. construction of a new building and subdividing land) require development approval and the standards that new development must meet, (e.g. building setbacks and height, privacy of neighbours and addressing natural hazards such as flooding).

All land within the Toowoomba Regional Council is covered by the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme which came into effect in July 2012, replacing the planning schemes that applied to each of the eight local government areas that now make up the Toowoomba Regional Council area.

The Planning Scheme will apply to land that you own or rent, and to the land around you and will, therefore, affect what you can do with your land and what your neighbour can do with theirs.

Planning scheme instructions of use

The Toowoomba Regional Council online Planning Scheme enables you to find planning information quickly and easily and to produce maps tailored to meet your needs. Refer to Instructions for online Planning Scheme for assistance using this tool.

If you are trying to access the online scheme maps and receiving an error #2046 message please follow the instructions below to fix it.

1.    Go to and you will see the flash player settings (this is not an image but real settings window)
2.    Uncheck the box at the bottom ('Common Flash components to reduce download time')
3.    Click Yes/Ok to the popup after unchecking the box
4.    Close site and reopen the Planning Scheme mapping site.