On 3 July 2017, the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 will be replaced by the Planning Act 2016, creating a new planning system for Queensland. This means there will be changes in some of your dealings with Council, especially when going through the development application process with Council. Visit the Queensland Government planning reform website for further information on the changes.

From this date, you will also see changes under the ‘Planning & Building’ section of Council’s website. This includes changes to the menu structure, and new content articles. All the existing content will still be available. After 3 July, if you are having any issues finding content within the new structure, please contact Council’s Technical Advice Officers on 131 872.

Planning scheme

A planning scheme is a legal document prepared by a local council to regulate the use and development of land.

Go direct to the online planning scheme: PDonline.toowoombaRC.qld.gov.au .

View related forms and printable information sheets.

Staff looking over plans
The Planning Scheme identifies which land uses (e.g. units, shops and industry) and which types of development (e.g. construction of a new building and subdividing land) require development approval and the standards that new development must meet, (e.g. building setbacks and height, privacy of neighbours and addressing natural hazards such as flooding). ...
Concept image of Railway Parklands
The Toowoomba Railway Parklands Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared on 12 December 2014 at the request of Toowoomba Regional Council. The PDA covers land centred on and around the Toowoomba Railyards which extends north to Bridge Street and south to Russell Street, and is bounded by Mort Street to the west and Ruthven - Neil Streets to the east. Toowoomba Railway Parklands PDA Development Scheme (PDF, 6MB) ...
Where changes are required to a published Planning Scheme these are approved and published as amendments to that scheme. These are categorised as administrative, minor or major. Listed below are the recent amendments. More information about these changes can be found in the State Government Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DILGP) website. + - Adoption of Amendment No.15 to Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme (Local Goverment Infrastructure Plan (LGI ...
A Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) replaces parts of the planning scheme for a period of up to one year while the planning scheme is being amended. A TLPI is put in place when there is a significant risk of serious harm occurring under the current planning scheme. + - Temporary local planning instrument 01/2015 (Charlton Wellcamp Enterprise area - intermodal facility precinct) Click to collapse 1. Purpose of the Temporary Planning Instrument 1.1 The purpos ...
On 16 November 2016, Toowoomba Regional Council adopted the Charges Resolution ‐ No. 2 in line with changes made by the Queensland State government to the way infrastructure charges are levied. ...
On 31 May 2017 the Toowoomba Regional Council adopted Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme – Amendment No.15 (Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP)) replacing the Priority Infrastructure Plan with a Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP). The amendment commenced on 9 June 2017. For more information refer to related documents below. Related documents Planning scheme amendments TRC adopts Local Government Infrastructure Plan Info 004 Charges Resolution No. 2 ...

Planning scheme documents

Activity Centres Study
Amendment No.15 - formal documentation
Bushfire Study
Charges Resolution No.2 (for print)
Flood Study
Historic Cambooya Planning Scheme - Maps
Historic Cambooya Planning Scheme - Text
Historic Clifton planning scheme - maps
Historic Clifton planning scheme - text
Historic Crows Nest Planning Scheme - maps
Historic Crows Nest Planning Scheme - text
Historic Jondaryan Planning Scheme - maps
Historic Jondaryan Planning Scheme - text
Historic Millmerran Planning Scheme - maps
Historic Millmerran Planning Scheme - text
Historic Pittsworth planning scheme - maps
Historic Pittsworth planning scheme - text
Historic Rosalie planning scheme - maps
Historic Rosalie planning scheme - text
Historic Toowoomba planning scheme - maps
Historic Toowoomba planning scheme - text
Industrial Land Use Study (2010)
Industrial Land Use Study (2012) - update
Open Space Network Study 2012
Planning Scheme adoption of amendment No.7
Planning Scheme amendment No.1 - amendment document
Planning Scheme amendment No.1 to Planning Scheme Policy No.3 - formal documentation included appendix A
Planning Scheme amendment No.2 - explanatory statement
Planning Scheme amendment No.5 - formal documentation
Planning Scheme amendment No.8 - formal documentation with attachments
Planning Scheme amendment No.10 - formal documentation
Planning Scheme amendment No.12 - formal documentation
Planning Scheme amendment No.13 (administrative amendment)
Planning Scheme amendment No.14 - formal documentation
Planning Scheme Policy No.6 heritage places amendment No.2 - formal documentation
Planning Scheme Policy No 7 – Neighbourhood Character – Amendment No 1 Formal Documentation
Planning Scheme Policy No 7 – Neighbourhood Character – Amendment No 2 Formal Documentation
Planning Scheme proposed amendment No.8 - formal documentation and explanatory statement
Priority Infrastructure Area & charge area maps - appendix A (for print)
Proposed Amendment No.1 to PSP4
Proposed Amendment No.1 to PSP 4 Explanatory Statement
Proposed Amendment No.3 to PSP7
Proposed Amendment No.3 to PSP 7 Explanatory Statement
Proposed Amendment No.4 to PSP6
Proposed Amendment No.4 to PSP 6 Explanatory Statement
Proposed Amendment No.11 Explanatory Statement
Proposed Amendment No.11 to Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme - formal documentation
Regional Strategic Sport and Recreation Plan
Residential Land Use Study
Rural Land Use Study
Scenic Amenity Study
Significant Vegetation Study
Significant Wetlands & Waterways Study
Steep and Unstable Land Study
Technical guideline for new developments - General waste and recyclable waste storage and collection
Toowoomba PDA submissions report
Toowoomba Railway Parklands PDA development scheme
Toowoomba Railway Parklands PDA development scheme built form guidelines
Transport Study
Vegetation Extension Study
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