Subdividing land

Most subdivisions need planning approval. Here you will find some basic information on what you need to do to subdivide your land.

Survey pegs in subdivision
Subdividing land is technically called 'Reconfiguring a lot'. It typically relates to the subdivision of one parcel of land (lot) into 2 or more lots.  Reconfiguring a lot may also involve:the amalgamation of 2 or more lots, rearranging lot boundaries between existing lots (where no additional lots are created), the creation of easements, and the creation of common property in a community title scheme. The amalgamation of 2 or more lots Rearranging ...
House in suburbs
Most subdivisions that create one or more additional lots will require a development approval. Part 5 – Tables of assessment of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme identifies if a development application is required, and the level of assessment for the development. Refer to Key facts about your property to determine if your proposal requires an approval.  Some types of Reconfiguring a Lot are accepted development and do not require a development approval, including ...
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