Sometimes work may have been constructed without the necessary approvals and in order to validate the work for the purposes of selling the property or lodging an additional application, a building work approval has to be obtained retrospectively. In this situation, the process becomes much more complicated. 


What can & cannot be done?

  • You cannot become an owner-builder (obtain a license if the work is over $11,000) for this type of work because the Queensland Building Services Authority does not issue owner-builder permits retrospectively.
  • You may be excluded from protection under your home owner insurance policy should an accident take place.
  • The construction work will not be covered under the QBSA Insurance Scheme for faulty work.
  • In order to legitimise construction work you may be required to remove wall sheeting, external cladding, ceiling linings and roof cladding in order to have an inspection either by a building certifier, engineer or both.
  • You may never have the building or structure finalised as it may not be possible to inspect all components effectively after construction e.g. footings and slab, retaining walls and the like where work is hidden and cannot be observed by a building certifier or engineer.
  • If the work cannot be approved you may be required to demolish or remove the work.


How to obtain advice

You will need to discuss your specific situation with a building certifier (either Council based or private), who could advise on what is and what is not possible.