Building inspections

When a building permit is given, a condition of approval will be that certain mandatory inspections must be carried out. Once the building work reaches a stage where the work can be inspected, the builder must give the building certifier/private certifier a notice in writing or by other means, advising that building work has been carried out to a stage when an inspection can take place.

The purpose of the inspections is to ensure that building work is carried out in accordance with the approved building permit, plans and relevant building standards.


Persons able to perform building work inspections

Building certifiers or private certifiers may carry out inspections personally, or they may authorise a competent person to carry them out. For example, the building certifier may authorise an engineer who is experienced in the inspection of concrete structures to carry out an inspection instead of doing the inspection personally; or they are a competent person to carry them out.  For example, the building certifier is responsible for determining whether a person is competent to carry out particular inspection and must do this prior to the inspection.

Building certifiers often rely upon competent persons to inspect and certify aspects of work that are outside the competence of the building certifier, or where it is impractical for the building certifier to be present during a particular phase of construction.


Building foundation inspection stages

Site prep: after site set-out, at excavation of foundation material, and before the footings for the building are laid

Footings: after excavation of foundation material and before the footings for the building are laid

Slab:  the building is to have a slab – after the placement of formwork and steel for the slab but before the concrete for the slab is poured2. Building fire resistance inspection stages

Wall: prior to lining of walls, prior to core filling of concrete and after construction of fire resistance 



Building final inspections

The final inspection is required at the completion of all aspects of the building work.


Other inspections

In addition to these building inspections, there are also mandatory plumbing and drainage inspections.

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