On 3 July 2017, the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 will be replaced by the Planning Act 2016, creating a new planning system for Queensland. This means there will be changes in some of your dealings with Council, especially when going through the development application process with Council. Visit the Queensland Government planning reform website for further information on the changes.

From this date, you will also see changes under the ‘Planning & Building’ section of Council’s website. This includes changes to the menu structure, and new content articles. All the existing content will still be available. After 3 July, if you are having any issues finding content within the new structure, please contact Council’s Technical Advice Officers on 131 872.


PDOnline allows you to view any part of the planning scheme, track the progress of development applications, undertake property related development enquiries or perform a map search.

Hodsonvale rooftops
PD Online will enable you to: View any part of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Track the progress of development applications from lodgement, through to decision Undertake property related development enquiries and perform a map search Provide assistance in the preparation of a development application prior to submission to Council for assessment. ...
Staff member serving customer
This service allows you to track development applications. You can track the progress of development applications from lodgement through to determination. The elements tracked represent key milestones in the development application process but are not a detailed history. Details of the current status, the various stages of the assessment process, estimated assessment timeframes and access to publicly available documentation, are all available. ...
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