Online mapping services

Our online mapping system (TRMAPS) allows you to access information about your community and Council services specific to our region. There are four distinct map themes.

Community services

Includes information on many of the facilities available in our region such as libraries, off leash parks, council service centres and more. Open online map (opens in new window)


Includes information on sewer, water and drainage pipe locations and detailed contour information. Open online map (opens in new window)

Land and property

Provides information on property boundaries, roads and administrative boundaries. This map features include a full suite of search and discover tools. Open online map (opens in new window)

Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme Maps

From this site the Toowoomba Regional planning scheme maps can be accessed. These maps provide information on zones, precincts, priority infrastructure plans (PIP) and the strategic framework for our region. To use this you will need Adobe Flash 18. If you are unable to open the maps, you will need to change a global storage setting. Open online map (opens in new window)


For help using the online mapping application view the TRMAPS User Guide

TRMAPS requires adobe flash player 10.0 or greater to be installed on you PC or mobile device.


Other maps of interest

Department of Natural Resources and Mines has several maps available online, including maps of Queensland imagery, flood mapping, topographic maps and administrative maps etc.

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