Online service request

You can lodge a customer service request online and report maintenance issues or problems, change your address, request a new wheelie bin or log many other Council enquiries. 

Woman using laptop
To lodge a customer service request via the internet, click one of the links below and complete the online form. Using this option logs your request straight into our system and allows you to track its progress online. The following areas are currently available for online lodgement. Rates and property Changes of address Impoundment register Dogs Cats Livestock/other animals Vehicles Goods/others Animal carcass collection Animal nuisance Animal trap hire Community Co ...
Phone on keyboard
Using your smartphone you are able to send a photo, map and description of any issue that requires action by council. Your request is sent from your phone via email and will be processed by Customer Service Officers. The 'Snap send solve' app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and can be downloaded free from your app store / market. More information can be found at This application currently sends a copy of your email ...
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