Backyard burning

We have regulations in place to ensure safety and to control smoke, ash and fumes that are a nuisance to the neighbourhood as a result of backyard fires. Under Subordinate Local Law No 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2011) we regulate the lighting and maintenance of the following fires:

  1. Any small fire (less than two metres by two metres) - as burning rubbish or waste is prohibited in residential areas the fire must not be made from these materials.
  2. Outdoor fire pits - these must comply with the size restrictions above and must be constructed to prevent fire or any burning material escaping. Burning of rubbish and waste in the outdoor fire pit is not allowed.

Larger fires, of more than two metres in height, length or breadth, are under the jurisdiction of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service and all fire permit requests should be directed to them. We (Council) cannot issue a permit to burn.


Outdoor heating devices

Please exercise caution when using outdoor heating appliances and be aware of safety risks and the potential for environmental damage.


Fire bans

No fires of any kind can be lit if there is a fire ban in place (bans are issued by the Queensland Rural Fire Service).


Contact information

If unsure what to do in regards to backyard burning please contact us on 131 872. For information regarding restrictions and permits, contact Queensland Fire and Rescue Service on 1300 369 003.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 July 2019 15:06