Fees & charges by type

View all fees and charges for the current financial year, divided into branch categories.

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These fees conclude on 30 June 2017. 2016-17 Fees and charges separated by division  Building and Compliance: building approvals and building searches Community Development and Facilities: aquatic facilities, cemeteries, sporting facilities, cultural centres, community and memorial hall hire   Construction and Maintenance: road permit, location of underground stormwater mains, stormwater inter-allotment drainage, street name plates Customer Service: photoc ...
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We realise this list of fees and charges can be tricky to search through in the in the current format, so here is a new interactive application that allows you to filter and search for just the entries you are looking for.   2017-18 Fees & charges These fees start from 1 July 2017. Register of fees and charges - interactive application (excludes most Planning & Development items). Register of fees and charges 2017-18 (PDF, 78 pages ...
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