Parks Week 2019

Parks Week 2019

We're ready to celebrate all our great parks! Parks Week will run from 9 to 17 March with a wide range of events designed to encourage residents to enjoy their neighbourhood parks and open recreation spaces. Activities offered in parks across the Region will include fitness classes for adults and kids, walking groups, park runs and much more.

Bookings are required to participate in most Parks Week events. The full list of Parks Week activities is available below.

Parks and open spaces are a valuable resource in our Region and help support  physical and mental wellbeing through healthy and active lifestyles. Our parks also provide environmental benefits to our Region, and build more connected communities by providing places where people come together for leisure.

Parks Week is celebrated throughout Australia and New Zealand as a combined initiative of New Zealand Recreation Association and Parks and Leisure Australia.


Parks Week activities

Functional Fitness
Where:Horn Park, Stuart St, Toowoomba
When: Wednesday, 6.30am
Cost: $3
Contact: Steven - phone 0439 533 937 or email

Body-weight Bootcamp
Where: Highfields Sport & Recreation Park, Highfields
When: Monday, 9.30am
Cost: $3
Contact: Sue - phone 0424 737 858 or email

Cambooya Bootcamp
Where: Paterson Memorial Park, Lot 10 George St, Cambooya
When: Monday, 3.30pm
Cost: $3
Contact: Larnie - phone 0423 636 183 or email

Fit Class
Where: 3 Cherry St, Oakey
When: Tuesday & Wednesday, 6.30pm
Cost: $5
Contact: Renee - phone 0408 452 094 or email

Flex & Flow Bootcamps
Where & when:
Centenary Park, Westbrook - Wednesday, 6pm - 6.45pm
Black Gully Reserve, Toowoomba - Friday, 2pm - 2.45pm
Cost: $3
Contact: Paul & Coralee - phone 0458 600 001 or email

Where: Coronation Park, Stephen St, Harristown
When: Monday, 9am
Cost: $5
Contact: Majenta - phone 0427 735 600 or email

Harristown Bootcamp
Where: Coronation Park, Stephen St, Harristown
When: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 9am - 10am
Cost: $5
Contact: Majenta - phone 0427 735 600 or email

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Class (for beginners)
Where: Queens Park (Auditorium), Margaret St, Toowoomba
When: Thursday, 4.30pm
Cost: $3, bookings essential
Contact: Rebecca - phone 0400 257 782 or email

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Class (running & boxing)
Where: Coronation Park, Stephen St, Harristown
When: Thursday, 8.30am - 9am
Cost: $3
Contact: Majenta - phone 0427 735 600 or email

Mixed Equipment Circuit Training
Where: Captain Cook Reserve (Near Moran St entry)
When: Wednesday, 6am - 6.30am (Starting Wed Oct 2, 2018)
Cost: $3
Contact: Anna - phone 0423 305 465 or email

Wilsonton Bootcamp
Where: Captain Cook Reserve (open space off Moran St carpark), Wilsonton
When: Wednesday, 4pm
Cost: $3
Contact: Sara - phone 0416 323 656 or email

Energise (gentle physical activity program suitable for anyone who has not participated in any regular exercise in a while)

Where: Newtown Park, Holberton St, Newtown
When: Friday, 8am - 9am
Cost: $3
Contact: Jody - phone 0402 144 527 or email

Where: Laurel Bank Park, Hill St, Toowoomba
When: Monday & Wednesday, 8am - 9am
Cost: $3
Contact: Jody - phone 0402 144 527 or email

Mum and bub fitness

Where: Highfields Sport and Recreation Park , Highfields
When: Monday, 9.15am
Where: Queens park (Botanical Gardens), Toowoomba
When: Tuesday, 9.15am
Cost: $5 (children welcome to attend)
Contact: Sammy - phone 0499 911 556 or email

Where: Middle Ridge Park, Toowoomba
When: Wednesday, 8am
Where: Queens Park (Botanic Gardens), Toowoomba
When: Wednesday, 9.30am
Cost: $3, bookings for all sessions are essential
Contact: Michelle - phone 0458 111 012 or email

Highfields parkrun
Where: Kratzke Oval, Kratzke Rd, Highfields
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Marty - phone 0409 566 497 or Janeen - phone 0427 063 521 or email
Register: parkrun website

Oakey parkrun
Where: Arthur Shooter Park, Stanley St, Oakey
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Zoe - phone 0433 154 058 or email
Register: parkrun website

Pittsworth parkrun
Where: Pittsworth Showground (canteen area), Pittsworth
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Jaime - phone 0437 210 572 or email
Register: parkrun website

South Toowoomba parkrun
Where: Middle Ridge Park, Stenner St, Toowoomba
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Robbie - phone 0419 023 487 or email
Register: parkrun website

Toowoomba parkrun
Where: Queens Park (off Lindsay St), Toowoomba
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Margaret - phone 0407 645 656 or email
Register: parkrun website

Cambooya Walking Group
Where: Post Office, 53 Eton St, Cambooya
When: Thursday, 6am (60 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Paula - phone 0412 762 591 or email
Please note: Summer walks begin at 5am. For those who would prefer to walk between 5am - 9am and 4pm - 7pm, please contact Paula for more information.

Crows Nest Flat Landers
Where: Post Office, 19 Curnow St, Crows Nest
When: Monday - Friday, 5.45am (60 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Evelyn - phone 07 4698 1274
Click here to join the Crows Nest Flat Landers Group online

East Creek OPAP Walkers
Where: East Creek Community Centre, 43 Kitchener St, Toowoomba
When: Tuesday, 8.45am (60 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Sally-Ann - phone 07 4639 2755 or email
Click here to join the East Creek OPAP Walkers Group online

Goombungee Women Out Walking Group
Where: Goombungee Public Hall, Edward St, Goombungee
When: Thursday, 5pm (60 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Bernadette - phone 07 4696 5066
Click here to join the Goombungee Women Out Walking Group online

Harlo Walkers
Where: Harlaxton Neighbourhood Centre, Harlaxton
When: Tuesday (Contact organiser for times as they vary) (30 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Matt - phone 07 4639 2868 or email

Highfields Hoofers
Where: Peacehaven Park (rotunda), Kuhls Rd, Highfields
When: Monday & Thursday, 5pm (60 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Jan - phone 0447 710 441 or email
Click here to join the Highfields Hoofers online

Oakey Pavement Pounders
Where: Busiko's Pharmacy, Campbell St, Oakey
When: Thursday, 4.45pm (30 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Tamara - phone 07 4691 1062 or email
Click here to join the Oakey Pavement Pounders Group online

Pittsworth Walkers
Where: Steele St, Pittsworth
When: Thursday, 3.30pm (60 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Merle - phone 0416 013 020

Toowoomba Central Walkers
Where: Laurel Bank Park, Hill St, Toowoomba
When: Tuesday & Thursday, 6.30am (30 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Barry - phone 0410 217 855 or email
Click here to join the Toowoomba Central Walkers Group online

Toowoomba Hearty Ramblers
Where: Corner Crotty and Hume Sts, Centenary Heights
When: Monday - Friday, 6am (30 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Judy - phone 07 4635 9059
Click here to join the Toowoomba Hearty Ramblers Group online

Wilsonton Walkers
Where: Heights Community Centre, 16 Wine Dr, Wilsonton Heights
When: Wednesday, 7am (30 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Dorothy - phone 0499 773 454 or email

GETT Fit Kids (6-12 years)
Where: Lake Annand Park, Long St, South Toowoomba
When: Thursday, 4.15pm - 5.00pm
Cost: $3, bookings essential
Contact: Tash - phone 0451 438 801 or email

Rugbytots (2-7 years)
Where: Queens Park, Godsall St, Toowoomba
When: Wednesday, 9am-9.30am (fortnightly)
Where: Highfields Sport & Recreation Park, Highfields
When: Wednesday, 9am-9.30am (fortnightly)
Cost: $3, bookings required
Contact: Brennan - phone 0488 163 083 or email

Disc golf (AKA frisbee golf) 
A flying disc sport in which players throw a disc/frisbee through a basket. It is played using rules similar to golf and is often played on a course of 9 or 18 holes. Players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee area toward a target, throwing again from the landing position of the disc until the target is reached. Usually, the number of throws a player uses to reach each target are tallied (often in relation to par), and players seek to complete each hole, and the course, in the lowest number of total throws.

FREE Come and learn how to play day (discs provided).

Location: Black Gully Reserve, Clearview Street, Rockville
Date: Sunday March 17
Time: 3pm
Cost: Free
Contact: FB messenger at Toowoomba Disc Golf Club.


Instructional workout videos

Look for the QR Code on the equipment at East Creek (Kitchener Street) and Black Gully parks and scan with your smartphone to watch an instructional workout video (also available below):  


Black Gully gym - aerobic walker


Black Gully gym - bench sit-ups


Black Gully gym - butterfly press



Black Gully gym - leg press


Black Gully gym - leg raises


Black Gully Park gym - modified push-ups


Black Gully Park gym - shoulder press



Black Gully Park gym - step-ups



Black Gully Park gym - stretch station and pull up bar



Black Gully Park gym - upright dips



East Creek Park (Kitchener St) gym - sit-ups


East Creek Park (Kitchener St) gym - cross trainer



East Creek Park (Kitchener St) gym - freer runner



East Creek Park (Kitchener St) gym - chin-ups


Parks of interest


Are you searching for an experience to invigorate the body and soothe the mind? Or perhaps an adventure day out with the family is what you crave? Then visit any of our celebrated parks and recreation areas and you’ll understand why the Toowoomba Region, renowned for its exceptional offering of green space leisure opportunities, can deliver you both and so much more.

From heritage-listed Toowoomba Queens Park and Botanic Gardens to the tranquil waters of Peacehaven Botanic Park at Highfields, and the sensory oasis that is Laurel Bank Park, the provision of magnificent parks and recreation areas is something this part of the world does incredibly well.

In fact, many of the region’s outdoor spaces have attracted international acclaim, like Queens Park – a focal destination during the annual iconic Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.

If you visit Queens Park with ‘little ones’, remember to check out the all-abilities playground, located just near the parking area, off Lindsay Street. Its sound-sensor games, musical instruments and touch-and-feel play panels will wow the kiddywinks and keep them entertained for hours!

Few places have such a wonderful variety of eucalypt trees than at Crows Nest National Park.The park is a haven for wildlife including platypus, swamp wallabies, echidnas, bandicoots, lace monitors, birds, and the brush-tailed rock-wallaby Petrogale penicillata, which is vulnerable to extinction in Queensland. 

Bushland enthusiasts will enjoy a visit, or two, to Redwood ParkLocated on the Great Dividing Range, the park features a variety of walking, cycling and horse riding trails that track along the escarpment challenging all fitness levels and rewarding the persistent with stunning panoramic mountain and valley views from way up high.

And for those who enjoy a more congenial pace, the good news is that you are spectacularly catered for too. Many of the region’s town parks feature sheltered footpaths that unfurl under majestic tree canopies to wind their way through woodlands, dotted with manicured floral garden beds, and beside waterways – many of which harbour flotillas of splendid waterbirds.

Although the evocative sound of locomotives chugging their way through Muntapa Tunnel has long been silenced, echoes of new life can be heard from deep within the cavernous space. The tones are courtesy of a colony of nocturnal bent-winged bats roosting in the 287 metre long structure, away from predators and the light.

Muntapa Tunnel opened in 1913 on the branch line between Oakey and Cooyar and was permanently closed in 1964. Today, however, it’s possible to walk through the tunnel entrance and continue for another 30 metres before gates deny further access.

Swinging Bridge Park is another place of interest in the Cooyar district. Named after the suspension bridge that spans Cooyar Creek, it delivers a great camping spot with barbecue facilities in close proximity and public toilets just a short distance away.

On the western boundary of the Toowoomba Region, Mt Basalt Reserve is a comfortable 19 kilometres south of Millmerran and well worth the drive. This sprawling area is a unique geological and environmental landmark featuring rare volcanic formations. If you are walker with scenic views on your checklist, you won’t be disappointed. The reserve has a great lookout to connect you with the beyond.

Travelling in the region’s north also reveals more interesting places to visit. The Pump Hole at Crows Nest and Yarraman Weir Park are two of them. The first supplied the town’s butter factory with water for decades, while the second’s namesake played its part in keeping the town of Yarraman hydrated.

Remnants of the ‘old days’ at the Pump Hole are still visible from a nearby lookout with the pump stand and some pipe remaining in situ. The site forms part of the picturesque Applegum Walk, linking Bullockys Rest, just off the New England Highway, and Hartmann Park. Incidentally, Bullockys Rest was named after the spot where hard-working bullock teamsters cooled their sweat and camped out, sharing many a tale under the protective tall timbers.

Heading back on the road, a 75 kilometre journey from Crows Nest, in a north-easterly direction, will bring you to Yarraman - Toowoomba Region’s most easterly town.

The nearby Yarraman Weir Park holds special significance in relation to the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT). Situated next to the town’s historic Station Park, the recreational area forms the beginning or the end of the BVRT - depending on where you set out from - Ipswich or Yarraman Construction of the disused Brisbane Valley rail line began in Wulkuraka near Ipswich in 1884 and was completed at Yarraman in 1913. A visit to the park makes for a great day out with picnic facilities on hand to enjoy the space to the max.




Health warning: You should satisfy yourself that you have a suitable fitness level, ability and skill before you undertake an activity.  If you have concerns in this regard, it is recommended that you seek appropriate independent advice, including medical advice.  You should not expect to receive such advice from Toowoomba Regional Council’s members, staff, contractors or agents, nor should you rely on any opinions expressed by them in relation to your fitness level, ability or skill to undertake an activity.

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