Road infrastructure near schools

We receive a large number of requests for changes or improvements related to crossing facilities, parking controls or other infrastructure around schools. A school working group has been established to assist us manage these requests. This group is made up of representatives from:

The aim of this group is to raise and consider school-related requests. In some cases, the improvement may only require changes to parking control signs and/or linemarking.  More complex projects, such as pedestrian infrastructure may require completion of a detailed design. These types of projects are then listed for funding consideration in our 10 year capital works program and prioritised against all projects within the Toowoomba Region on an annual basis.


How to request new or changed infrastructure near a school

In the first instance, all school-related requests should be directed to the principal of your school.  If supported, the request can then be referred by the school principal to the Education Queensland representative of the school working group.


General enquiries

If you have any enquiries regarding road infrastructure near schools please contact our Road Operations Branch on 131 872 or via email:

Last Updated: Friday, 08 February 2019 17:24