crowsnestemergeyncyhelipadsitephotoThe Crows Nest emergency helipad is a concrete helipad approximately 10m x 10m, located in a clear area behind the Crows Nest police station. Access is available from Albert Street or New England Highway. This site is available for day-use (training, etc.). Please contact us during business hours on 4688 6175 to gain serviceability status.

Be aware of permanent obstacles when landing and departing:

  • Approach and depart east and south only.
  • Trees penetrate approach from north and west.
  • CAUTION - power lines. Power lines are marked with red/white reflectors.

View the Crows Nest helipad obstacle limitation surface drawing.


Contact information

Landing notification: please call the on-call aerodrome reporting officer on 0497 099 111.


Emergency event: please call the Crows Nest Police station on 07 4698 1420 or call 000 for life threatening situations.

Location: Burks Lane, Crows Nest


Helipad details

The helipad site is fully fenced and the gates are padlocked. Maximum allowable mass on the helipad is 7,000kgs. Pavement concessions are available.

There is a wind direction indicator located in the south-east corner of the helipad site. Emergency lighting is available with generator Eflares. For activation contact the on-call aerodrome reporting officer on 0497 099 111.


Wind direction indicator (windsock). 


Street view from Albert Street.


New England Highway and Albert Street Intersection birds-eye view.