Green infrastructure strategy

Park in Cecil Plains

This project will develop a strategy to identify, manage and grow our region’s living assets. It will include engagement with the community to ensure we understand how they use and value green spaces, waterways, trees and natural areas and recognise these elements in the places where they live and play. It will identify natural resources across the region in our city, suburbs, towns and rural areas to map their values and develop appropriate management and development strategies that align with the community vision.

The Strategy would form the primary policy direction that integrates green infrastructure principles throughout Council’s operations. It will also help us ensure the lifestyle and economic benefits of the Toowoomba region’s natural assets are not lost but become an integral part of our future growth strategy.

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Start date

December 2016.

Completion date

June 2018 subject to timely progression of stages outlined below.


  1. Project initiation, research and internal scoping. Completed in February 2016.
  2. Community consultation exploring community values and vision for green infrastructure in the Region. Planned for early 2017.
  3. Analysis of data and consultation results.
  4. Drafting of Strategy.
  5. Community consultation on draft Strategy.
  6. Updating draft Strategy.
  7. Internal endorsement and release of final Strategy.