Flood Risk Assessment, Planning Evaluation and Scheme Amendment (FRAPESA)

River in flood with gum trees

Following extensive flooding across the region in December 2010 and January 2011, we commissioned a number of flood studies to better understand how flooding impacts our communities. These studies of 35 locations are a foundation towards our long term plan to manage and reduce the impacts of flooding and an essential first step towards our goal of a safer, stronger, more resilient region.

This project has identified areas of flood risk across the region and assisted in putting in place a robust set of planning regulations to guide development within risk areas.

During 2016, we undertook community consultation about flood risk and proposed policy response for managing risk in future development. The feedback received during this early consultation was considered and informed the preparation of a planning scheme amendment.

Current stage


The planning scheme amendment (Amendment No.17) is currently on public exhibition with submissions being received until 21 September, 2018. Further details can be viewed at https://yoursay.tr.qld.gov.au/flood-resilience.

Project start date

The project commenced in 2014.

Project completion date

The project will be completed with the adoption of the planning scheme amendment, which is anticipated to occur in early 2019.

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