Flood Risk Assessment, Planning Evaluation and Scheme Amendment (FRAPESA)

River in flood with gum trees

Following extensive flooding across the region in December 2010 and January 2011, Council commissioned a number of flood studies to better understand how flooding impacts our communities. These studies of 35 locations are a foundation towards our long term plan to manage and reduce the impacts of flooding and an essential first step towards our goal of a safer, stronger, more resilient region.

This project will help us identify areas of flood risk across the region and assist us put in place a robust set of planning regulations to guide development within risk areas.

Start date

The project commenced in 2014.

Completion date

Endorsement of proposed planning scheme changes is expected by early 2017. This will enable planning scheme changes to become operational by early 2018.


  1. Finalise drafting of proposed changes to the planning scheme and preparations for consultation – Completed
  2. Undertake broad community consultation (non-statutory) on the proposed changes – Completed
  3. Council to consider any issues raised during the consultation period before finalising the proposed scheme changes –this action will occur in early 2017.
  4. Council resolves to amend the planning scheme, initiating the statutory amendment process which will likely conclude in early 2018. The steps involved in this process are:
    · The planning scheme amendment is reviewed by the state government.
    · Statutory public consultation (min. 6 weeks).
    · Consideration of submissions by Council.
    · Final review of the amendment by the state government.
    · Adoption of the amendment by Council.
    · Commencement of the planning scheme changes.


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