Nass Road upgrade (Toowoomba Enterprise Hub)

Nass Road new section

This project will deliver an upgrade of the existing section of Nass Road (Charlton), from the Warrego Highway north for approximately 1.5km. It will involve upgrading road, drainage and water infrastructure. 

The projects are designed to enhance the Toowoomba Enterprise Hub at Charlton, which will become a key logistics hub.

The Toowoomba Enterprise Hub Stimulus Project will provide a critical interface between road and rail freight movement. The project involves upgrading Nass Road from the Warrego Highway to the north for 1.5 kilometres and construction of a new 4.3km trunk water main connecting the Toowoomba-Oakey pipeline to critical infrastructure via Nass Road and Wirth Road.

This $9.95 million project is a Council - State Government and private industry partnership. Council has allocated $4.92 million for this work with other funds being provided by the Queensland Government’s 'Building our Regions' program, Council and Freight Terminals Pty Ltd and the developer of Interlink SQ.

Start date

Construction work planned to commence in 2017.

Target completion date

Mid 2018.

Related projects

The Nass Road upgrade will be undertaken in conjunction with construction of the Charlton North Detention Basin.

Council’s Charlton North Urban Stormwater Management Plan has identified this Detention Basin as a key piece of required infrastructure to manage ultimate catchment flows. The basin and upstream channel works will be constructed on Council-owned land immediately to the east of Nass Road.

The detention basin project is a $4.64 million project funded by Council and the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, which is jointly funded by the State Government and the Australian Government. Council has allocated $1.86 million for this work.

This is within the area of the Toowoomba Enterprise Hub initiative.

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