Car park vending machines and pay-by-bay parking trial

Man using pay and display machine

Upgraded car park vending machines

The installation of upgraded pay and display parking machines in the Toowoomba central traffic area will allow motorists to pay with credit card or coins. Reliability of the parking machines will also improve. While machines are upgraded, they will be unavailable for use, but there will be other machines available to pay for parking tickets.

Pay-by-bay parking meter trial

Pay-by-bay parking machines are also being trialed. These parking machines allow drivers to park, pay and simply walk away without needing to place a ticket on the dashboard, as you simply select which carpark you are paying for. Pay-by-bay parking machines minimise the number of meters required for an area as they are able to cater for several different parking time limits. Less parking machines leads to a reduction in machine maintenance.

Pay-by-bay parking machines save time for the user and improve the safety for commuters in some circumstances, as they do not have to recross a road and return to their vehicle to display a ticket.

Start date

July 2016.

Completion date

June 2018.


Pay by space

  1. Pay-by-bay parking meters currently trialed in sections of Hume, Finchley and Herries Streets.