Women walking in park

We are upgrading the iconic Picnic Point and a series of parks and trails along the Range escarpment to further enhance the tourism potential of the Region. 

With the assistance of $2.7 million from the Queensland Government through the Building our Regions program, we will upgrade Picnic Point and the escarpment parks in stages. The project also includes an upgrade of Amos Road with a partner Local Government – Lockyer Valley Regional Council, contributing $218,000. The total project is expected to cost $7.4 million.

Upgrades to the escarpment parks aim to unlock the potential of nature-based, outdoor recreation facilities and increase sports tourism opportunities. The escarpment parks upgrade will consist of multiple projects that will occur across a three-year design and construction timeframe. Constructing new trails and upgrading existing multi-use trails at sites including Redwood and Jubilee parks will unlock the untapped tourism potential of these areas. The inter-connected series of escarpment trails will allow more outdoor recreation activities to the Region’s events calendar.

A budget of $3.89 million has been allocated for works in 2020/21.

Picnic Point improvements

The Picnic Point improvements are based on the Picnic Point Parklands Master Plan which provides a framework and implementation plan for the future development, upgrade and management of this heritage parkland.

Escarpment parks upgrade

The escarpment parks upgrade will create trail linkages from the bushland reserve at Kearneys Spring in the south to Jubilee Park in the north of Toowoomba.


Current stage

Work this year will involve partial upgrades to J.E. Duggan Park, detailed design of most elements of the Escarpment Parks Upgrade project and upgrading the Tobruk Memorial Drive Lookout at Picnic Point.


Future stages will include:

  • Construction of the Picnic Point Parklands Implementation Plan, with selected elements within:
    • Murrumba Road Park
    • Picnic Point Bushland Reserve northern aspect
    • Picnic Point Bushland Reserve north-eastern aspect
    • Lions Park
    • Waterfall Gardens, driveway and Upper Tourist Road
    • Heller Street Park
    • Remaining Tobruk Memorial Drive elements
    • Picnic Point Bushland Reserve southern aspect
    • Picnic Point Bushland Reserve south-west aspect
  • Tabletop Bushland Reserve Area
  • McKnight Park
  • Jubilee Park - Extending the amazing network of mountain bike trails in Jubilee continues with additional beginner trails planned. Read more about Jubilee Park.
  • Redwood Park - Improved signage for bush walking in Redwood Park will help park visitors make the most of the natural beauty of the Great Dividing Range. Read more about Redwood Park.
  • Glen Lomond Park - Building defined bush walking tracks to Hell Hole Creek will help make the most of this little-known gem. 
  • Construction of Amos Road, to allow better access to the mountain bike trails at Jubilee Park, in partnership with Lockyer Valley Regional Council who is contributing $218,000.

The upgrades will also include regeneration (ecological recovery) of areas where remnant vegetation remains allowing native grasses, shrubs and regrowth of trees species to occur.

Interpretive signage will also enhance the experience for visitors.