Sports clubs

Information for sporting groups is offered below.

Sport field at night with players
We are pleased to support the Sports Darling Downs, a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 1999 to foster sport throughout the Darling Downs region. The aim of Sports Darling Downs is to distribute funds to sporting individuals, teams and organisations to assist their development and to help ease the financial burden often suffered as a result of the pursuit of excellence in sport.   ...
Crowd at sports event
We provide advice to help you ensure your club is well organised and maintained. + - Keeping sport fun and safe Click to collapse Fun is the number one motivator for young children in sport and in life. Forget winning and focus on fun. If they're having fun you can teach them just about anything. Help them to develop broad physical skills like balance, agility and coordination. Incorporate some sport-specific activities, but only if they're fun and they ...
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