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Council sporting fields provide a multitude of opportunities for members of the community to enjoy sporting facilities of a very high standard. The facilities are spread throughout the region enabling residents and visitors to have easy access to a wide variety of sporting activities.

The region's sports grounds cater for a myriad of sports, including rugby union, rugby league, Australian rules football, softball, cricket, netball, baseball, soccer and touch football.

To find your nearest sporting field please see our park locator (use the 'Park features' filter to find the relevant sporting facilities suited to you).


Seasonal use of sporting facilities

Seasonal use of Council sporting facilities are offered to sporting clubs on a bi-seasonal basis. Seasonal periods are as follows:

*Fixtured season does not necessarily include training for finals or finals matches.

Use of facilities outside of the above dates will be considered on a case-by-case basis for those sports that do not align to these seasonal dates.

Who can book

How to book

  1. Complete the Sporting field booking - Sporting facility seasonal permit application form and abide by the Sporting field booking - Sport and Recreation Facility Guide. Submit the application at least 21 working days before the season starts.
  2. Submit a copy of the organisation's current public liability insurance and other documentation required as per the Seasonal Permit Application Form and the Sport and Recreation Facility Guide. 

Fees and charges

Fees and charges may apply for your intended use of our facility. The fees and charges will be provided when making the booking, or alternatively these can be found in the fees and charges section. Fees may include:

Casual use of sporting facilities

Casual activities utilising Council sporting facilities provide a wonderful opportunity for residents and visitors to participate in a wide range of social, recreational, community and cultural activities. Council sporting facilities are available for hire by individuals or groups on a casual basis. 

Who can book

How to book

  1. Complete and submit a Sporting field booking - Sporting facility casual permit application form and abide by the Sporting field booking - Sport and Recreation Facility Guide. Submit the application at least 10 working days before the proposed usage date.
  2. Pay the bond if required (bond may be requested from new user groups or groups hosting large events). Bond will be advised at the time of booking confirmation.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges may apply for your intended use of our facility. The fees and charges will be provided when making the booking, or alternatively these can be found in the fees and charges section. Fees may include:


General conditions for use of parks

Toowoomba parks are a great location for a variety of events including sport training and fixtures.

Casual permit applications

Casual or temporary usage of Council facilities may be granted to individuals and groups for an agreed period of time. This applies to schools, non-commercial, commercial and private users as well as other casual applicants. Approval will only be issued if an application is made in writing via the standard form, ‘Sporting Facility Casual Permit Application’ at least 10 business days prior to the proposed usage date. A bond may be requested from new user groups or groups hosting large events. This will be advised by Council at the time of booking confirmation and will be in accordance with Council’s Fees and Charges schedule.

Schools use of sports grounds

The application process and use of sports grounds by schools is subject to the conditions outlined in the ‘Sporting facility casual permit application’. Schools will be regarded as casual users and should follow the same application process as outlined in the Casual permit applications section above. Schools will be subject to the same conditions, times of use, responsibilities as casual users.


Fees and charges may apply for the use of sporting facilities in accordance with Council’s Fees and Charges schedule. Parks booking officers will confirm applicable costs once a completed booking form has been received. Alternatively, Council’s Fees and Charges schedule can be found online. A booking/use administration late fee applies to all park bookings received less than five working days to the first day of the event/park use.

Payment options

Cash, debit card, credit card and cheques are accepted. Payment can be made over the phone or at any Toowoomba Regional Council service centre. (*Fees and charges do not apply to juniors but do apply to clubs with senior/junior participation).


Council reserves and retains the absolute authority to reallocate times and/or days allocated if such re-allocation is considered by it to be necessary and/or desirable.

Other users

Applicants do not have the authority to approve use of fields to any other users. Approval must be obtained from the Council.

Public liability insurance

The applicant must provide Council a copy of their public liability insurance in an amount not less than $10,000,000 and produce documentary evidence of the insurance to Council before the commencement of the event.


No vehicles are to be driven onto the playing field or park. Owners or drivers of vehicles found to be in the park without prior authority may be subject to a fine. It should be noted that Council has the power to issue ‘on the spot fines’ to such offenders. No golf buggies are permitted in Council parks. No vehicles are permitted on the cycling criterium track.

Vacating facilities

The applicant shall use only such fields as are allocated during the approved hours on the approved days. The area must be vacated immediately upon the expiration of the allocated times.


The applicant is to ensure that all fields/courts and amenities allocated to them, including general surrounds, are left in a clean and tidy condition. All litter must be picked up and placed in park bins, otherwise a cleaning fee will be charged. If extra bins are required for carnivals, arrangements must be made between the applicant and a waste removal provider (i.e. J.J Richards) for payment, delivery and removal of the bins after the event. If amenities/grounds are not left in a clean and tidy condition Council will provide cleaning and recover costs from the user responsible.


The applicant must supply their own consumables such as toilet paper for the duration of their booking.

Canteens/temporary food stalls/selling food

Selling food at canteens/temporary food stalls is not permitted unless the applicable food licences and approvals have been granted by Council's Environmental Health Services for each use. Groups using Council facilities must comply with the Food Act 2006 and subsequently the Food Standards Code. Further information can be found in our 'Food business licence' article. The use of canteens may need to be negotiated with the current seasonal user of the facility. These negotiations are the responsibility of the applicant.


Keys are available prior to the commencement of your booking from Parks and Recreation Services, cnr Anzac Avenue and Stephen Street, Harristown West Depot. Office hours are 8am to 4.30pm. A cash key deposit applies. If this is inconvenient, please Council on 131 872 and other arrangements can be made.


The operation of night lighting facilities is at the user’s risk and no claims for refund of fees for any reason whatsoever will be entertained. The user group is to ensure that night lights are switched off and the box is locked when finished. It is advisable to lock the switch box after activating the lights to prevent accidental or malicious interference there-with during the activities. Should lights be accidentally switched off, a cool down period of at least 20 minutes is required before switching back on. Fees and charges will apply, in accordance with Council’s Fees and Charges schedule. The use of field lights must comply with Local Laws.

Temporary structures (e.g. marquee)

Tents and marquees can be erected, however prior approval from Council must be granted. Council parks consist of underground services such as power, water and gas. These services need to be marked out by Council prior to the erection of any structure. If you intend on erecting structures please contact Council on 131 872 at least five business days prior to the booking. The applicant will be held fully responsible if a service is obstructed or damaged. User groups that wish to provide temporary shade structures must ensure the structures are securely anchored to the ground at all times and not attached to buildings.

Line marking

Line marking is the responsibility of the user, and can occur by using the following method. Council approved methods:

Approval from the Council must be obtained before any other method can be used.

Smoking in Council facilities

In accordance with the Queensland Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act (1998) no person may smoke any tobacco products within 4 metres from the entrance of a Council owned or managed building. A person must not smoke within 10 metres of any part of children’s playground equipment situated at a place that is ordinarily open to the public.

Wet weather

Council reserves the right, under certain circumstances to close sports grounds after reasonable consultation with user groups. In such cases, Council will advise user groups accordingly. Council staff will take into the account the following elements in deciding whether to close a sports ground:

After consideration of these factors, if Council does close a sports ground(s) due to wet weather, notifications will be communicated.


Any ground maintenance issues identified during the inspection process are to be reported on the Sporting facility - Maintenance request form. Items seeking urgent repair after Council’s standard business hours should be referred to Council’s after hours emergency assistance on 131 872.

Noise, light & dust

Toowoomba Regional Council Subordinate Local Law 1.14 (Undertaking Regulated Activities on Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads) 2011 Schedule 1 – Section 5 2. (2) (e) states that an activity should:

(e) not generate significant annoyance from noise, light or dust, on the area surrounding the location of the prescribed activity by ensuring that

This local law contains other information regarding activities on Local Government Controlled Areas & Roads. For further information please contact a Sport and Recreation Officer.

Portable equipment (e.g. soccer goalposts)

All sporting furniture, equipment and temporary fences used by the applicant shall be removed from the playing field/s utilised at the completion of the season and must comply with all relevant standards and codes. Tenant soccer clubs are responsible for ensuring that all portable soccer goalposts at a Council facility comply with the Australian Standards and the Portable soccer goalposts – manufacture, use and storage standards HB 227-2003 with regards to the manufacture, installation, use, storage and maintenance. The uses of portable goalposts is strictly limited to the user group and are not to be made available to any casual or private hire groups. When in use, portable soccer goalposts must be anchored correctly and regular checks should be conducted throughout the user group’s season to ensure on-going safety. Multi-piece goalposts should be disassembled and stored undercover where possible. One-piece goalposts stored outside should be chained and locked together face-to-face and/or secured to an immovable object on flat ground. Netting should be removed and all portable soccer goalposts should be stored in an area where children cannot gain access and use or climb on them.

Compliance with instructions

The applicant (members and guests) shall comply with all lawful instructions given by the Manager, Parks and Recreation Services and any other authorised Council officers. All statutory local laws and subordinate local laws must be adhered to at all times.


Note: These conditions are subject to change.

School hire of sporting facilities

Schools wishing to utilise Council sports fields or facilities for school sport must obtain approval prior to use.

How to book

  1. Complete and submit a Sporting field booking - Sporting facility casual permit application form and abide by the Sporting field booking - Sport and Recreation Facility Guide.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges may apply for your intended use of our facility. The fees and charges will be provided when making the booking, or alternatively these can be found in the fees and charges section. Fees may include:

Fitness training in parks

One of the benefits of our region are the beautiful parks which support a range of activities including fitness classes. A permit system is in place for regular commercial fitness activities in our parks. 

Fitness service providers have the option to partner with us to create a healthy and active community under the Active Parks initiative. In return for delivering low cost activities, providers will have the annual permit and bond fee waived. Interested? Read more here...


When you need a permit

If you deliver regular fitness services/activities in one of our parks and receive a commercial benefit, you are required to apply for a permit. Examples may include personal trainers, exercise physiologists, commercial sporting bodies and not-for-profit groups. 

Fitness services/activities are services or activities that improve people’s fitness (eg, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and balance). Examples of fitness services/activities include group exercise classes and informal sports programs. 


How to apply for a permit

1. Complete and return a Park bookings - Fitness service in a park application form (for print), with copies of the essential documents listed below: 

2. Upon receipt of your application, a provisional approval/rejection letter will be sent to you to advise the outcome of your booking request. If approved, the letter will outline how to make any necessary payments. Your booking will be confirmed via receipt of payment.


Commercial fitness service permit information - fees, charges, accepted activities, conditions etc

Permit fee

A fee per site is applicable for the use of a selected area of a Council park for the financial year (waived if an Active Parks booking). Fees can be found in the 'Parks and Recreation Services - Use of parks - 200>1000m2' fees listing. Pro-rata rates apply.

Bond fee

A bond per site is required (waived if an Active Parks booking) for the use of a selected area of a Council park for one year (pro-rata rates do not apply). The bond fee can be found in the 'Parks and Recreation Services - Use of parks - 200>1000m2' fee listing.

Bonds are refunded at the conclusion of the use year if there has not been any damage or costs to Council. In the event of damage or costs, no refund will be given until a determination has been made regarding damages or costs incurred.

Electricity and lighting charges

Electricity and lighting charges apply if used. Price on application.

Damage / costs

Users will be held liable for any damage (other than fair and reasonable wear and tear) to the park, or its facilities, as a result of the fitness services provided. Users will also be held liable for reimbursement of any Council repair costs arising as a result of the use. Council is the final arbitrator with regards to assessment of damages and liability for costs.

Cancellations / refunds

If you cease operation of your activities under a commercial fitness services permit, you may apply for a pro-rata refund of any permit and bond fees paid to Council for the remainder of your booking within the financial year.

Permit locations

Fitness services / activities must only take place in the area/s approved by Council and, unless otherwise approved, must not interfere with public park use (eg, pedestrian flow, use of public amenities, picnic gazebos / shelters etc).

Permit activities

Permitted activities to be delivered under the commercial fitness services permit include any services or activities that improve people’s fitness (eg, cardio-respiratory endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and balance). Examples of fitness services / activities include group exercise classes and informal sports programs.

Active Parks activities must be delivered in a manner suitable for beginners, and in a ‘pay as you go’ format only. Only approved activities using approved equipment (as outlined within the booking form) may be conducted.

Fitness permit holders must ensure:

Fitness permit holders are aware that:

Fitness permit holder’s activities must not involve:


Sporting field closures

For sporting field closures, please refer our sporting field closure information

Maintenance and upgrade requests

Please contact us to if you notice something that requires maintenance. Examples include lights that have blown, fields that require maintenance or other such minor repairs.

If you have ideas on how our existing facilities could be upgraded, we always appreciate your input. Examples of upgrade requests might be improvements or extensions to existing sheds, fences or field surface upgrades. Your input will be included in the process of our future planning. In most circumstances upgrades are dependant on budget approval in future financial years.

Maintenance and upgrade requests can be made by completing a Sporting field - Maintenance request form or Sporting field - Upgrade request form and emailing the completed form to While all requests will be carefully considered, submitting a request does not guarantee that works will go ahead. Staff will be in contact with you as your form is processed.

Park bookings

Council parks can also be booked for a variety of reasons. Use the links below to find out how to book a park for any of the activities below.

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