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The Crows Nest Community Nursery helps to support native wildlife by propagating indigenous trees, shrubs and ground cover plants that occur naturally within, and beyond, our regional boundaries. If you want to encourage birds, bees and butterflies to visit your garden, property or re-vegetation site, we have lots of plants for you to choose from to attract them. Our local native plants are essential for the survival and well-being of our native animals who rely on them for food and shelter.

Open hours

The Crows Nest Community Nursery is open weekly on Thursday between 8.30am and 1pm with two open days also held each year - one in spring and the other in autumn.


The nursery is located on Depot Road, Crows Nest.

Contact details

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Volunteering opportunities

The nursery welcomes volunteers to join the team. Read more about volunteer opportunities here.


Crows Nest Community Nursery open day

Crows Nest Community Nursery is hosting an open day on Saturday 2 March from 8am - 2pm. So if you're looking to boost your garden's plant and tree population, mark the date in your diary! With a variety of stock to be offered, choosing the perfect plant, or two, will be as easy as turning up on the day.

Seed collectors needed

Each year there's a brief timeframe to collect seeds from the endangered Acacia harpophylla, commonly known as the Brigalow Tree. Fortunately, the tree exists in the Oakey area providing our nurseries with a unique opportunity to harvest its valuable seeds, which in turn will help boost plantings of this dwindling species.

If you are interested in seed collecting, please register your interest by phoning 131 872.

Botanical Name: Allocasuarina littoralis

Common Name: Black She-Oak

Description: A small, fast growing tree with dark fissured bark. Capable of reaching 8 metres, the species is an excellent windbreak or screen option.  It's frost resistant and drought hardy and is available as male and female varieties. The female trees offer a great seed source for black cockatoos.

Black she-oak female flowers

Photo source - Glen Leiper

An extensive variety of plants and trees stocked at the Crows Nest Community Nursery are available for purchase on Thursdays between 8.30am -1pm. For customers unable to attend the nursery, plant pick-ups in Toowoomba can be arranged through the nursery team leader. 

Please note: Stock numbers and species will vary throughout the year. To check the availability of the following stock, contact the nursery team leader.

The plant list below is organised alphabetically by botanical name. Click on the relevant letter below to skip quickly through the list.

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Botanical name

Common name


Acacia deanii

Wattle, deane’s

Acacia fimbriata

Wattle, brisbane

Acacia granitica

Wattle, granite

Acacia hispidula

Wattle, rough leafed

Acacia pendula

Myall, weeping (wattle)

Acacia podalyriifolia

Wattle, queensland silver

Acacia resinosa (rare)

Wattle, resin

Acacia salicina

Wattle, black sally

Acacia victoriae


Acmena smithii

Lillypilly, common

Acronychia laevis

Acronychia, glossy

Actinotis helianthi

Flannel flower

Adiantum hispidulum

Maidenhair, rough

Alectryon connatus

Birds' eye, common

Alectryon subcinereus

Birds eye, quince leafed

Allocasuarina inophloia

She oak, thready bark

Allocasuarina littoralis

She oak, black

Allocasuarina luehmannii

Bull oak

Alphitonia excelsa

Ash, soap

Alpinia caerulea

Native ginger

Aneilema acuminatum

Native wandering jew

Angophora leiocarpa

Applegum, rusty

Araucaria bidwillii

Pine, bunya

Araucaria cunninghamii

Pine, hoop

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

Palm, piccabeen

Austrostipa verticillata

Grass, slender bamboo

Baloghia inophylla

Bloodwood, brush

Banksia integrifolia

Banksia, tree

Banksia oblongifolia

Banksia, fern leafed

Banksia spinulosa var. collina

Banksia, hair pin

Brachychiton acerifolius

Flame tree

Brachychiton discolor


Brachychiton populneus


Breynia oblongifolia


Bridelia exaltata

Ironbark, brush

Bursaria incana

Bursaria, frosty


Callicarpa pedunculata

Velvet beauty berry

Callitris baileyi

Cypress, bailey's

Calostemma luteum

Daffodil, native

Calotis dentex

Daisy, tall white

Capparis mitchellii

Caper tree, mitchell's

Carissa ovata


Casearia multinervosa


Cassinia laevis

Cough bush

Casuarina cristata


Casuarina cunninghamiana

She oak, river

Cissus antarctica

Vine, kangaroo

Citrus australis

Round lime

Claoxylon australe


Clematis glycinoides

Old man's beard

Clerodendrum tomentosum

Hairy lolly bush

Codonocarpus attenuatus


Cordyline petiolaris

Palm lily, large-leafed

Cordyline stricta

Palm lily, narrow-leaved

Crotalaria mitchellii

Mitchell's rattlepod

Croton insularis

Croton, silver

Cryptocarya glaucescens


Cryptocarya microneura


Cullen tenax

Emu foot

Cupaniopsis parvifolia

Tuckeroo, small leaf


Deeringia amaranthoides


Denhamia bilocularis (was Maytenus bilocularis)

Orangebark, hedge

Dianella brevipedunculata

Flax lily, short stemmed

Dianella caerulea var assera

Flax lily

Dianella revoluta

Flax lily, black anther

Diospyros australis

Plum ebony

Dodonaea sinuolata

Hopbush, thready- leafed

Dodonaea tenuifolia

Hopbush, fern leafed

Dodonaea triangularis

Hopbush, triangle leafed

Dodonaea viscosa subsp angustifolia

Hopbush, narrow leafed

Doryanthes palmeri

Lily, spear

Dysoxylum fraserianum



Ehretia acuminata


Einadia nutans (yellow-fruited)

Saltbush, nodding

Elaeocarpus kirtonii

Whitewood, mowbullan

Elaedendron australe var. integrifolium

Olive plum, red-fruited narrow-leafed variety

Elaedendron australe var. australe

Olive plum, red-fruited broad- leafed variety

Elattostachys xylocarpa

White beetroot tree

Emmenosperma alphitonioides

Ash, yellow

Eremophila debilis

Devil's marbles

Eremophila mitchellii

Ellangowan turkey bush

Eucalyptus argophloia (Not local native)

Chinchilla white gum

Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Gum, river red

Eucalyptus major

Gum, mountain grey

Eucalyptus melliodora

Box, yellow

Eucalyptus microcorys


Eucalyptus moluccana

Box, gum topped

Eucalyptus montivaga

Blackbutt, toowoomba

Eucalyptus propinqua

Gum, small fruited grey

Eucalyptus tereticornis

Gum, forest red


Ficus macrophylla

Fig, moreton bay

Ficus opposita

Fig, opposite leafed sandpaper

Ficus rubiginosa

Fig, scrub

Flindersia australis

Ash, crows

Flindersia xanthoxyla

Long jack


Geijera salicifolia

Wilga, scrub

Grevillea robusta

Oak, silky

Guioa semiglauca

Guioa (pronounced ghee-oa)


Hakea eriantha

Hakea. Woolly flowered

Hardenbergia violacea

Purple wanderer

Harpullia pendula


Hibbertia scandens

Vine, snake

Homalanthus populifolius

Bleeding heart

Hovea lanceolata

Hovea, lance-leafed

Hovea longipes

Hovea, brush

Hymenosporum flavum

Frangipani, native


Indigofera australe. Pink form

Indigo, native

Isotoma axillaris

Isotome, blue


Jasminum simplicifolium

Stiff jasmine


Kennedia rubicunda

Pea, red kennedy

Kunzea flavescens

Kunzea, yellow (rare)


Leiocarpa brevicompta

Daisy, plover

Leptospermum polygalifolium

Tantoon tea tree

Lomandra hystrix

Creek matrush

Lomandra longifolia

Long leaf matrush

Lomatia silaifolia

Crinkle bush

Lophostemon confertus

Box, brush


Melaleuca bracteata

Tea tree, black

Melaleuca densispicata

Paperbark, miles

Melaleuca lanceolata

Paperbark, dryland

Melaleuca quercina (rare)

Bottlebrush, oakey

Melaleuca salicina (Callistemon salignus)

Bottlebrush, willow

Melaleuca viminalis (Callistemon viminalis)

Bottlebrush, weeping red

Melia azedarach

Cedar, white

Melicope micrococca

Doughwood, white

Mentha diemenica

Slender native mint

Morinda jasminoides

Sweet morinda

Murdannia graminea

Purple grass lily

Myoporum parvifolium (Not local native)

Creeping boobialla

Myrsine variabilis (was Rapanea variabilis)



Olearia canescens

Daisy bush, grey

Owenia venosa

Apple, rose


Pandorea jasminoides

Wonga vine

Pandorea pandorana

Bower vine

Parsonsia straminea

Monkey rope

Petalostigma pachyphyllum

Quiinine bush, hairy

Petalostigma triloculare

Quinine bush, smooth

Pimelea neo-anglica

New England pimelea

Pittosporum angustifolium

Gumby gumby

Pittosporum revolutum

Pittosporum, yellow

Pittosporum viscidum

Birds nest bush

Plectranthus insularis (very rare)

Mingimarny cockspur flower

Plumbago zeylanica

Groundcover plumbago

Pultenaea villosa

Pea, hairy bush


Rhagodia parabolica

Saltbush, fragrant

Rhagodia spinescens

Saltbush, hedge

Rhaponticum australe

Austral cornflower

Rhodosphaera rhodanthema

Yellowwood, deep


Santalum obtusifolium

Shrub sandalwood

Scaevola albida

Fan flower

Senna acclinis

Senna, brush

Senna artemisioides subsp. Artemisioides (not local native)

Senna, silver

Senna coronilloides

Senna, brigalow

Sophora fraseri

Necklace pod (rare)

Spartothamnella juncea

 Broom, square stemmed

Sterculia quadrifida

Peanut tree

Streblus pendulinus (was Streblus brunonianus)

Whalebone tree

Stylidium graminifolium

Grass trigger plant

Swainsona galegifolia

Pea, shrub darling

Swainsona queenslandica PINK

Spreading Darling pea (pink)

Syncarpia verecunda

Turpentine, Ravensbourne (rare)

Syzygium australe

Lillypilly, creek


Toona ciliata

Cedar, red

Trema tomentosa



Vitex lignum-vitae



Xanthorrhoea glauca

Grass tree, blue leafed

Xanthorrhoea johnsonii

Grasstree, forest


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