Rangeville - J.E. Duggan Park

Wednesday, 11 Dec 2019 11:17

Address: Leslie Street, Rangeville QLD 4350

Covering around eight hectares, this park is a forest regeneration site where a natural eucalypt forest has been encouraged to develop. This bushland park provides three small bush walks with great scenery and views east over the Great Dividing Range, including Table Top Mountain. This park is ideal for walking with children and those less mobile.

How to get there: From Toowoomba, follow James Street to the east and turn right onto Mackenzie Street. Turn left onto Alderley Street and right onto Rowbotham Street. After 3.5 km, turn left onto Collier Street and follow the road until you reach Leslie Street where you can park your car.


Walking trails

J.E. Duggan Park walking trails map


Wallaby Walk

Best for: Walking                      

Classification: Grade 1

Distance: 250 m one way          

Walking time: Approximately 10 min

Description:  The walk starts at the picnic area, taking you to the Flagstone Lookout along the way and to the Lockyer Lookout on the northern side of the park. This walk is suitable for wheelchairs and mobility devices following the flat compacted gravel circuit that joins it with part of the Squirrel Glider Circuit and the Link Walk.


Sensory Walk

Best for: Walking                          

Classification: Grade 1

Distance: 270 m one way            

Walking time: Approximately 5 min

Description: The walk starts at the picnic area and finishes at the intersection of the Link Walk with the Squirrel Glider Circuit. It takes you through the native forest where you can hear the bird sounds, feel the texture of the different leaves and smell the scent of the plants. The Sensory Walk has a handrail rope to assist vision impaired people to navigate the trail. The location of concrete pavers indicates the placement of interpretive signage and double as passing bays for wheelchairs. This walk is suitable for wheelchairs and mobility devices.


Link Walk

Best for: Walking                          

Classification: Grade 2

Distance: 125 m one way            

Walking time: Approximately 5 min

Description: This track links the Squirrel Glider Circuit with the Wallaby Walk and can be used as a shortcut to traverse the park. Part of this track is suitable for wheelchair and mobility devices.


Squirrel Glider Circuit

Best for: Walking                   

Classification: Grade 3

Distance: 1200 m return        

Walking time: Approximately 30 min

Description: This track follows the perimeter of the park. It starts at the park entrance and takes you to picnic area and the start of the Wallaby Walk. The track turns south going down to the old quarry through a challenging section. Then it turns east and to the north towards the Link Track. There is a steep section just before reaching the top that leads to the Lockyer Lookout. The track follows the boundary fence on a section suitable for wheelchairs and then turns towards Leslie Street and back to the park entrance.



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