Middle Ridge - Nielsen Park

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2020 9:53

Address: , Middle Ridge QLD 4350

Nielsen Park was named after the Nielsen family who owned the land from 1901 to 1989 and later donated it to become a bushland reserve. The park contains mostly tall open dry eucalypt forest, wattles, native shrubs and vines. Being surrounded by urban development, Nielsen Park is generally visited by people who live in the neighbourhood and who enjoy walking through the native vegetation and listening to the sounds of the park's birdlife.

The Friends of the Escarpment Parks Toowoomba members assist Council in helping contain environmental weeds in Nielsen Park. The volunteer-based organisation meets regularly at Colman Drive and welcomes new members.

Nielsen Park has a network of unmarked bushwalking trails that form loops connecting its six entrances.

How to get there: In Toowoomba drive south along MacKenzie Street and turn right on Colman Drive where you can find a small carpark at the end of the road. Alternatively, there are another two entrances with small parking at Nita Close and Thorley Court. Pedestrian only access can be found at Tarlington Street, Rowbotham Street and Nielsen Court.

Facilities: None

Walking Trail

Nielsen Park Walking Circuit map

Nielsen Park Walking Circuit

Best for: Bushwalking, bird watching and nature appreciation

Classification: Bushwalking (Grade 2)

Distance: 1,545m total distance

Walking time: Approximately 45 minutes

Description: The walking circuit connects the six entrances of this park with distances ranging from 100m to 200m from one point to another. The total distance of these relatively flat trails is about 1.5km; an easy stroll that can be enjoyed with small children.

Wombat Berry (Eustrephus latifolius), Coffee Bush (Breynia oblongifolia), Trema (Trema tomentosa), Snake Vine (Stephania japonica) and various types of Gum Trees (Eucalyptus sp.) and Wattles (Acacias sp.) are some of the native plants that can be found on this circuit.

Eastern Whipbird (Psophodes olivaceus), Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus), Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis) and Kookaburras (Dacelo sp.) are among the common native birds that also inhabit the park.


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