Fitness training in parks

One of the benefits of our region are the beautiful parks which support a range of activities including fitness classes. A permit system is in place for regular commercial fitness activities in our parks. 

Fitness service providers have the option to partner with us to create a healthy and active community under the Active Parks initiative. In return for delivering low cost activities, providers will have the annual permit and bond fee waived. Interested?

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When you need a permit

If you deliver regular fitness services/activities in one of our parks and receive a commercial benefit, you are required to apply for a permit. Examples may include personal trainers, exercise physiologists, commercial sporting bodies and not-for-profit groups. 

Fitness services/activities are services or activities that improve people’s fitness (eg, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and balance). Examples of fitness services/activities include group exercise classes and informal sports programs. 


How to apply for a permit

1. Complete and return a Park bookings - Fitness service in a park application form (for print), with copies of the essential documents listed below: 

  • Public liability insurance cover (minimum $10 million)
  • Professional indemnity insurance cover (minimum of $2 million)
  • Industry qualification/s (eg, Certificate IV in Fitness, Bachelor of Human Movement / Exercise Science)
  • Site plan of requested location within the park where requested activities will be undertaken

2. Upon receipt of your application, a provisional approval/rejection letter will be sent to you to advise the outcome of your booking request. If approved, the letter will outline how to make any necessary payments. Your booking will be confirmed via receipt of payment.

Permit fee

A fee per site is applicable for the use of a selected area of a Council park for the financial year (waived if an Active Parks booking). Fees can be found in the 'Parks and Recreation Services - Use of parks - 200>1000m2' fees listing. Pro-rata rates apply.

Bond fee

A bond per site is required (waived if an Active Parks booking) for the use of a selected area of a Council park for one year (pro-rata rates do not apply). The bond fee can be found in the 'Parks and Recreation Services - Use of parks - 200>1000m2' fee listing.

Bonds are refunded at the conclusion of the use year if there has not been any damage or costs to Council. In the event of damage or costs, no refund will be given until a determination has been made regarding damages or costs incurred.

Electricity and lighting charges

Electricity and lighting charges apply if used. Price on application.

Damage / costs

Users will be held liable for any damage (other than fair and reasonable wear and tear) to the park, or its facilities, as a result of the fitness services provided. Users will also be held liable for reimbursement of any Council repair costs arising as a result of the use. Council is the final arbitrator with regards to assessment of damages and liability for costs.

Cancellations / refunds

If you cease operation of your activities under a commercial fitness services permit, you may apply for a pro-rata refund of any permit and bond fees paid to Council for the remainder of your booking within the financial year.

Permit locations

Fitness services / activities must only take place in the area/s approved by Council and, unless otherwise approved, must not interfere with public park use (eg, pedestrian flow, use of public amenities, picnic gazebos / shelters etc).

Permit activities

Permitted activities to be delivered under the commercial fitness services permit include any services or activities that improve people’s fitness (eg, cardio-respiratory endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and balance). Examples of fitness services / activities include group exercise classes and informal sports programs.

Active Parks activities must be delivered in a manner suitable for beginners, and in a ‘pay as you go’ format only. Only approved activities using approved equipment (as outlined within the booking form) may be conducted.

Fitness permit holders must ensure:

  • Activities are conducted only in the area/s approved by Council via the application process.
  • Currency of public liability and professional indemnity insurance, and industry registrations and qualifications, are maintained for the full permit period
  • Potential health and safety risks to participants associated with their participation in the permit holder’s activities are managed appropriately (in accordance with industry guidelines). This includes:
  • checking venues are suitable for use prior to commencing activities (ie, conducting a site assessment prior to each activity session).
  • conducting relevant industry-standard ‘participant readiness’ checks (eg, exercise readiness questionnaires) prior to participants joining activities.
  • conducting relevant industry-standard risk assessments of activities to identify and implement appropriate control measures to manage potential health and safety risks to participants associated with their participation in the applicants activities.
  • Any A-frame / tear drop banner signage approved via the application process that is displayed during activities is erected and removed within 30 minutes of the activity starting / finishing.
  • The area is left clean and tidy after use.
  • Compliance with all provisions of Council’s local laws or subordinate local laws relevant to the permitted location and permitted activity under this permit.

Fitness permit holders are aware that:

  • Annual and major event park bookings (eg, Carnival of Flowers) and various sporting associations bookings (including any necessary park recovery time) takes precedence over any fitness permit booking arrangements in place.
  • Council may undertake un-programmed / emergency maintenance within parks beyond Council’s control, in addition to programmed park maintenance works. In these instances you may be required to relocate your fitness service location.
  • Council is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by any loss of income due to unforeseen circumstances (such as storm damage or vandalism).
  • Council may limit use of parks if required to ensure ‘fair use’ of facilities by organisations across the community, and that priority will be given to providers working in partnership with Council to provide accessible, low-cost classes for the community.
  • Receiving a permit approval does not guarantee exclusive use of an area within a park (or its facilities).
  • The permit application letter and receipt may be required to be sighted by an authorised Council officer during the duration of your booking.

Fitness permit holder’s activities must not involve:

  • Conducting any activities not approved via the permit application process.
  • Using any equipment (eg, ropes, ladders, tyres etc) not approved via the permit application process.
  • Driving vehicles onto parks.
  • Serving / selling catering / foods / drinks.
  • Digging holes.
  • Displaying unapproved signage within parks (eg, tying banners to posts / trees / park furniture, leaving any approved signage in parks for longer than permitted etc).
  • Any actions prohibiting public use of parks (eg, blocking pedestrian flow or use of public amenities, picnic areas, etc), or actions that cause nuisance, inconvenience or annoyance (such as noise using loud speakers / megaphones, blowing whistles and playing amplified music).
  • Misusing park facilities / infrastructure for any unintended purpose (eg, using trees, garden beds / edging, tables, benches, seats, shade structures, playgrounds, BBQ facilities and other park infrastructure as equipment during activity sessions).
  • Injuring, defacing, marking or otherwise damaging any buildings or structures within parks.
  • Removing any plant, equipment, fixtures, fittings and furniture from parks.


When a permit isn't required

Sports clubs and schools are not required to apply for a permit. A separate application process applies to these groups to book a park. Read more about the application process for sports clubs here.

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