Smart standpipe

Smart (automated) standpipes for potable water will be installed at Crows Nest, Oakey, Wyreema and Millmerran by 17 February. These standpipes are designed to provide potable water to Toowoomba Region residents who are not on town water supplies. Non-potable water is currently available for industrial purposes from a smart standpipe in Middle Ridge, Toowoomba.

The installation of the smart standpipes will allow us to accurately keep track of water usage from the standpipes. This will help reduce water losses, water theft and ensure correct payment is received for the amount of water removed by the users.

How to access water from a smart standpipe

  1. Apply for a security tag (touch tag) using the Water - Application to draw water from a smart standpipe. Current standpipe water users must apply for a new tag using this form.
  2. Once money has been loaded on the touch tag, water can be accessed from one of the standpipes.