New waste facility open hours to commence on 1 October

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We've listened to your feedback regarding the current open hours at Clifton, Goombungee, Millmerran and Yarraman Waste Management Facilities and will change the open hours for these facilities on 1 October 2018 to suit the needs of the community.

The new open hours for Clifton, Goombungee, Millmerran and Yarraman Waste Facilities will be:

  • Monday: 1 pm - 5 pm
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 8 am - 12 noon
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 1 pm - 5 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm


Frequently asked questions

We realise the recent changes made to waste facility open hours might raise a few questions so here are some answers.

Following feedback received from the community after a reduction in open hours at Clifton, Goombungee, Millmerran and Yarraman facilities, a decision was made to increase the open hours to ensure we were able to provide a service that aligned with community expectations and provided consistency across all facilities.

Our landfill sites are reaching capacity and changes are required. In recent years a region-wide Waste Strategy was developed in response to this situation to achieve three objectives:

  1. Optimise service levels
  2. Increase recycling / reduce what goes landfill
  3. Balance costs of managing waste

This resulted in a review of hours of all our facilities based on the number of visits at each site.

  • Sites with high usage will see an increase in open hours to cater for this demand.
  • Sites with low usage will see a decrease in open hours to reflect this.

When new hours were being determined, they were based on what time each day and which days of the week people have used the facility in recent times - based on our usage statistics.

We are committed to regular reviews of the usage of each site and propose to adjust these hours as required using the above objectives as a guide.

Overall, in comparison with other Councils in Queensland and with our direct local government neighbours, we are maintaining a high number of waste facilities as well as providing services that are open longer than most.

What consultation was undertaken before the open hours were change?

Customers visiting waste facilities in 2016 were surveyed about their needs as well as part of our waste collection audit. In 2017 the collected information was important to the drafting of the Waste Strategy along with usage statistics and operational data (such as operating costs) for each facility.

Public feedback was sought on the draft Waste Strategy in 2017 with almost 300 people contributing to this part of the process. This feedback helped form the final version of the Waste Strategy that was adopted late in 2017.

What did the consultation show?

A summary of the results of this consultation activity showed that people were neutral, agreed or strongly agreed that:

  1. a) The opening hours for facilities should be demand-driven - 86%.
    b) The opening hours for facilities should provide equitable opportunities for access across the community - 97%.
    c) The opening hours for facilities should aim to reduce periods of low patronage - 81%.
    d) They would not drive to another local facility if the closest facility was closed - 77%.
    e) The opening hours on the weekend are most important to me - 88%.
    f) They would not like to use the facility before work - 85%.
    g) They would not like to use the facility after work - 67%.
    h) They would not be willing to pay higher fees to visit the waste facility when needed - 88%.

In what circumstances will the hours be adjusted in the future?

We are regularly reviewing waste facility usage data** and where appropriate will adjust our service levels in accordance with 3 objectives above.

** This includes the number of customers visiting each site, which hours and days these visits occur, what type of waste is being disposed and the volume of waste. 

Tier 4 facilities (Clifton, Millmerran, Goombungee & Yarraman) need to be staffed at all times because they:

a. Cater for both domestic and commercial waste.
b. Have higher numbers of customers and waste volumes that are suited to Tier 5 facilities.
c. Do not have high enough numbers of customers or waste volumes to be cost-effective to open 7 days a week.
d. Have a risk profile that is not suited to a Tier 5 facility.

Staff are available to discuss your concerns and work together to find viable solutions. Please contact us on 131-872.


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