Trees, plants & wildlife

As a result of the recent heavy rainfall, we have a number of local roads closed in the Region - see a centralised location for all things disaster-related, bookmark (includes weather warnings, closed highways, road and flood cameras and more).

Pests and weeds

We are serious about protecting our environment and run regular baiting and pest survey programs. Feral pig and rabbit control is enforced in our region. We also provide education on weeds currently affecting our region and the best way to eradicate these.

Read more about our control of pests and weeds in the Toowoomba region in our four year Pest Management Plan.

The Biosecurity Act 2014 replaced the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 on 1 July 2016 for legislating the management of pest species in Queensland. Under the Act, all persons who deal with a biosecurity matter or carrier, ...
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