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Cultural & arts support grant program

The cultural & arts support grant program is an initiative aimed at nurturing fledgling artists, supporting grassroots community arts and cultural activity and underpinning higher level arts and cultural development. There are two rounds of funding per year. Grant rounds are available twice annually:

Opening date Closing date
1 February 1 March
1 July 1 August

Organisations can apply for a cultural and arts support grant if they:

  • are an eligible community organisation or are under the auspices of an eligible community organisation as defined in the Community Grants Policy.
  • operate or provide services within the Toowoomba Regional Council area.
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Who can't apply:

  • Individuals.
  • For-profit companies, trusts and other organisations.
  • Government, semi-government organisations and statutory authorities.
  • Public and private educational institutions (early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary including Parents & Citizens and Parents & Friends Associations).
  • Unions and student guilds.
  • Research foundations.
  • Professional associations.
  • An organisation that has been granted approval for support through a Toowoomba Regional Council funding program for the same project.
  • Recipients who have previously defaulted on the conditions of funding.

Eligible projects

Any project, event or activity which has an art or cultural theme or outcome that:

  • has a clear broad community benefit or is focused on maintaining the ‘spirit’ and identity of communities within the Toowoomba Region Council area;
  • develops and enhances artistic or cultural capacity of a group’s talents within our communities; and
  • does not qualify for RADF funding.

Examples of costs that may be eligible for funding include:

  • professional / relevant artists’/cultural workers’ fees.
  • production costs including:
    • venue hire costs.
    • relevant project specific professional services other than arts/cultural services.
    • relevant project specific materials (other than artist’s materials).
    • hire of relevant equipment.
    • relevant project documentation costs.

Ineligible projects

The following are not eligible for funding.

  • Projects, events or activities which have a for-profit, political or overt self-promotional agenda.
  • Projects, events or activities that are scheduled to start prior to the applicant being notified of grant funding approval.
  • Recurrent funding for arts organisations.
  • Capital items (including purchase of artworks).
  • Murals.
  • Publishing costs.
  • Competitions.
  • Artist’s materials.
  • Any aspect of framing or freight.
  • Promotional and advertising items.
  • Statutory charges, salaries/wages/honorariums,consumables, insurance, administration or contingencies.
  • Accredited study, training or university courses
  • Entertainment.
  • Catering.


How to apply

  1. Read the 2.15 Cultural & Arts Support Grant Program Guidelines.
  2. Complete and submit a Community grants application form and a Cultural & arts support - supplementary information form.
    • Applications can be lodged by mail, email or delivered to a Council Customer Service Centre, and must be received by 5pm on the closing date


Application help

Our online statistical tool, which provides information on our region’s demographic and economic breakdown, may provide further information for the development of grant applications.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to get a Community Development Officer, or specialist officer, to view and sign the application prior to lodging to ensure that all documentation is in place to meet the requirements, and ensure the best opportunity to be considered for support.

Applicants can attend a community grant workshop or make appointments to see appropriate staff for advice. Contact us to make appointments.

Last Updated: Monday, 28 May 2018 11:26
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